IT Networking and Certification Courses


Cisco Courses

Cisco has been regarded as one of the leading companies producing networking equipment for quite some time now.  Be it for networking & security needs or VOIP equipment.  It has succesfully established a name for itself. As such, every IT knowledgeable person knows of the quality & performance of its products. 

Cisco products are widely used from small-scale businesses up to large scale business company classifications.  Be it for their local business operation needs or for providing internet-related / globalization-related services for clients.

Graduates of Cisco Courses can choose from a wide range of training variations depending on which aspect the student wants to focus on.  Courses such as basic knowledge on Cisco products up to Advance Networking & Security setup are available.

CompTIA Courses

CompTIA is an IT association that provides competence training and certification to people who are planning in pursuing an IT Career.   CompTIA is also recognized for providing quality IT training to companies requiring certification for IT-related positions in the United States, Australia, UK, etc.

Course graduates will have a much better edge when applying for an IT position in a mid-level up to a large scale company classification.

Microsoft Certificed Systems Administor (MCSA) and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MSCE) Courses

This training course will equip you with knowledge on all Microsoft OS and Server Products.

Training in areas such as basic setup, implementation, administration, and networking configuration of Windows Servers  and other Windows OS versions are included.

Graduate of these courses will not only be knowledgeable in the basic operation of Microsoft OS and Servers, but will also gain a solid knowledge in advanced aspects of Microsoft products.