Animal Behaviour Courses

Ethology is the study of animal behaviour which examines animal communication, animal culture, animal language, animal sexual behaviour and learning with its importance to training. Generally Ethology is more concerned with the patterns and processes of behavior across a range of groups rather than just focusing on one particular species (see our Animal Behaviour courses).. however in relation to training needs our other courses are focused on single groups (horses, cats and dogs).

Ethology is different from psychology (or comparative psychology) in that it does not consider animal behaviour in reference to human behaviour, but rather from what is understand about an animal’s anatomy, physiology etc.

We offer four stand along courses in Animal Behaviour, Equine Behaviour, Dog Psychology and Training and Cat Psychology and Training. All four modules are also included in the Advanced Certificate in Animal Bahaviour.

All of our courses are offered as online or as correspondence courses. All come with unlimited tutor support by email.

“Don’t hesitate, go for it, you wont be sorry. It’s a lot of fun, great learning and doing the work doesn’t feel like a chore. I now want to do more and more courses. Thank you so much Careerline Courses.” J. Boxal, Equine Behaviour Graduate

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