Crop Courses

We offer a huge range of cropping courses. These can be divided into Cut Flower courses, Fruit production courses and Vegetable production courses.

The Cut Flower range covers four 100-hour course modules including Cut Flower Production, Greenhouse Cut Flowers and Cut Flower Orchids and Bulbs. All four modules can be taken in an Advanced Certificate.

The Fruit production courses cover both Temperate Fruit Production and Warm Climate Fruit Production for a wide range of fruit. We also have a module on Viticulture, one on Berries as well as two courses on Nut Production (again Temperate and one for Warm Climate Nuts).

Vegetables are covered in Commercial Vegetable Production or Organic Commercial Vegetable Production.

Other crops covered by courses include Mushroom Production, as well as a range of aquaponic courses.

Anyone proposing to undertake cropping commercial or on a large scale is recommend to study Soil Management (Crops).

All of our courses are offered online with printed notes available, with unlimited tutor support by email from our qualified, friendly tutors. Find out more or receive your free info pack by emailing us at or call us on 1300 172 882.

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