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A career spent caring for and helping others brings forth many rewards. From anatomy and aerobics to weight loss consulting and dental assisting, we have a course for you.

If you are looking for a nationally accredited vocational course, we offer Cert III and Cert IV in Aged Care and Cert III in Dental Assisting.

If you want to learn more about nutrition and health, we offer courses from our introductory 100-hour course Human Nutrition A through to a Diploma in Nutrition and the nationally accredited Adv. Diploma in Nutrition. All our 100-hour nutrition courses and our Diploma in Nutrition are recognised by the IICT.

Human bodies are covered in our Anatomy and Physiology course range as well as in our Biochemistry and Cell Biology courses. These are 100-hour online short courses that are great for those wanting to brush up on their anatomy or physiology and build on their existing knowledge.

We also offer two foundation diplomas – these are designed for students wanting to develop their human biology knowledge in preparation for further studies. These include the Foundation Diploma in Natural Health, which upon completion will give students 1 year credit with Health Schools Australia’s programs such as the Adv. Diploma in Naturopathy, Nutrition and more. This provides students with a more flexible start to their studies which is ideal for mothers and those working fulltime but who want to get started. The other course called Foundation Diploma in Human Science is more focused on anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and science subjects. This course is a cost-effective and ideal way to prepare for later studies in human sciences such as medicine and other health-related degrees.

We also have a great range of fitness, health and well-being short courses covering personal fitness, well-being, aerobics, fitness training and more.

All of our courses are offered with:

Self paced studies
Online courses or correspondence
Full tutor support by email
Qualified tutors
Friendly support staff
Most have payment plans available.

For more advice please contact us by email at or at 1300 172 882.

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