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The study of animal behaviour (ethology) is of obvious importance in the practice of training animals especially in considering their natural behaviour and how it may be suitable for specific tasks. Additionally, understanding animal behaviour contributes to animal training by means of understanding how to encourage desirable natural behaviour and discourage those that are undesirable.

In this online animal behaviour course you will learn to understand why animals behave the way they do.  Learn to understand difficult behaviour and techniques to deal with it.  This is a very useful qualification for anyone working with animals or for someone wishing to set up their own business.  Learn about the different influences on animal behaviour such as genetics, biology, environmental influences, the part play by instinct and domesticated versus wild populations

Careerline’s Animal Behaviour course is suitable for anyone interested or working with animals, trainers, pet carers, zoo keepers and more.   Students interested in more animal behaviour courses should also consider the Advanced Certificate in Animal Behaviour which includes this module as well as the equine behaviour, dog psychology and cat training modules.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
    • Influences and Motivation
    • What is Behaviour
    • Causes of Behaviour (eg. genetics, learning, external and internal influences)
    • Reactive, Active and Cognitive Behaviour
    • Conditioning.
  2. Genetics and Behaviour
    • Understanding Biology
    • Natural Selection
    • Genetic Variation
    • Development of Behaviour
    • Behavioural Genetics
  3. Animal Perception and Behaviour
    • How Animals Perceive Things
    • What Stimulates Them and How Do Those Stimuli Function
    • Instinct
    • Neural Control
    • Sensory Processes
    • Sight, Sound, Hearing, etc.
  4. Behaviour and the Environment
    • Coordination
    • Orientation
    • Homeostasis
    • Acclimatisation
    • Circadian Rhythms
    • Biological Clocks
    • Reproductive Cycles; etc.
  5. Social Behaviour
    • Animal Societies
    • Aggression
    • Social Constraints
    • Social Order
    • Play
    • Sexual Behaviour
    • Communication.
  6. Instinct and Learning
    • Conditioning and Learning
    • Extinction and Habituation
    • Instrumental Learning
    • Reinforcement
    • Operant Behaviour
    • Biological and Cognitive Aspects of Learning.
  7. Handling Animals
    • Psychological Effects of Different Handling Techniques
    • Training Animals (horses, cats, dogs, etc)
  8. Behavioural Problems
    • Abnormal Behaviour (eg. Psychotic, neurotic)
    • Domestication of Animals
    • Reducing Human Contact/Dependence.


"This has been a very valuable learning experience for me. This module covered exactly what I need to know for animal behaviour and has given me some great tools to continue working with for future courses/volunteer work....Stop thinking about it and just do it!! I have been putting off going back to school due to work commitments, I thought I would not have enough time. I also kept thinking that I had missed the boat to start a course as I am now 30. I ended up getting sick of my self saying I had no qualifications and decided to do something about it! Careerline Courses offer such a variety of courses, there really is something to study for everyone. "


M. Reid

Animal Behavior Graduate


"This course has taught me a large amount of information I will need to become employed in my chosen profession"


  K. Romeo

Animal Behaviour Student


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