Weight Loss Consultant

Weight Loss Consultant Online Course

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Product Description

Learn to be a Weight Loss Consultant – start your own business!

  • Learn to help people be their best and lead healthier lives
  • Suitable for students who want to work for themselves or others
  • Study from home at your own pace

If you are passionate about helping people lose weight and start leading healthier more enjoyable lives, then this course is for you.  Whether you want to work in this industry or start your own business.

This course is one of two weight loss management courses that Careerline offers. This course is suitable for students wanting to find work or set up their own business in Weight Loss Management. Our other weight loss course is Nutrition for Weight Loss and it focuses on the nutritional aspects of losing weight.  It is highly recommended as an adjunct course to Weight Loss Consultancy.

NEW! Graduates with this qualification can apply for either Associate, Full or Executive IICT Membership and take advantage of their great insurance schemes!

Course Aims:

  • Explain factors that affect weight in a body.
  • Determine the scope and nature of the weight loss industry in your region.
  • Explain the role of physical activity in weight loss and provide practical advice and resources for you to use as a weight loss consultant.
  • Explain the role of dietary change in weight loss and provide practical advice and resources for you to use as a weight loss consultant.
  • Explain a variety of ways that psychology can be applied to the control of weight.
  • Determine weight status of clients
  • Select and implement and manage the use of different techniques to control weight in clients
  • Identify a viable weight loss service, and those things that must be done to optimize the chance of ongoing success.
  • Adapt dietary resources based on needs of an individual or a particular group.
  • Planning to start a weight management group
  • Develop a weight management service as a business


Course Outline

There are 8 lessons in this course:

  1. Scope and Nature of Weight Loss
    • Obesity Defined
    • Genetics
    • Diet
    • Exercise
    • Life Events
    • Adolescence
    • Pregnancy
    • Menopause
    • Middle Age
    • Stopping Smoking
    • Weight gain linked to Medication
    • Weight gain following Injury or Illness
    • Scope and Nature of Weight Loss Industry
    • Health Programs
    • Meal Replacement Products
    • Pharmacotherapy
    • Surgery for Weight Loss
  2. Managing Physical Activity
    • Role of Physical Activity in Energy Balance
    • Role of Physical Activity Raising Metabolic Rate
    • Bone Mass Maintenance
    • Physical Activity and Mental Health
    • Specific Aspects of Exercise When Overweight
    • Tips to get started with Exercise
    • Types of Exercise and Effectiveness for Weight Loss
    • Cardiovascular Activity
    • Optimum Target Heart Rate for Fat Burning
    • Resistance Activities
    • Exercise Progression
    • Recommending Exercise
  3. Managing the Diet
    • Teaching Portion Control
    • Beginning to Address Portion Control
    • Energy Density
    • Fats and Energy Density
    • Sources of Fats
    • Tips to Reduce Fat
    • Practical Tips Based on Daily Meal Plan
    • Sugar and Weight Reducing
    • General Weight Loss Tips
    • Using Food Diaries
    • Nutrition Resources and Lesson Planning
  4. Managing the Psychology
    • Eating and Emotions
    • The Brain and Weight Management
    • Managing the Psychology
    • Helping People to Make Changes
    • Stages of Change Explained -Pre contemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action, Maintenance, Relapse
  5. Tools for the Consultant
    • Determining Weight Status of Clients
    • Administering Weight Checks
    • Calculating BMI
    • Interpreting BMI
    • Setting Targets
    • Determining Waist Measurement
    • Health Evaluation
    • Nutritional Advice
    • Running Supermarket Tours
    • Food Labels
  6. Delivering Weight Loss Services
    • Individual Consultations
    • Features of an Ideal One to One Consultation
    • Good Questioning Skills
    • Running Group Sessions
    • Running Independant Weight Management Group Sessions
    • Joining an Established Weight Management Business
    • Potential Barriers to Weight Loss
    • Social Issues and Pressure
    • Time Constraints
    • Lifestyle
    • Physical Limitations
    • Psychological Limitations
    • Age
    • Hormonal Issues
  7. Conducting a Weight Loss Consultation
    • The Next Step
    • Target Marketing
    • Demand
    • Competition
    • Location
    • PBL Project -A major project where you:
      • Explain the basics of obesity, explain fully the causes, symptoms, and associated health risks.
      • Identify a target market that will benefit from your services.
      • Develop a marketing strategy to attract clients from your target market
      • Identify the nutritional, physical exercise, and psychological contributions to obesity.
      • Identify and convey the importance of addressing all of the above elements in a successful weight loss programme.
      • Present clear, concise and readily understandable guidelines that address appropriate interventions for the clients to take home and follow
      • Develop appropriate assessment tools and strategies to identify and monitor your clients needs.
      • Discuss the challenges for your client to adhere to the programme, and outline strategies to support them.
      • Compare and contrast the dietary, exercise and psychological strategies you have decided to use, with other weight loss strategies you have decided not to use (e.g. surgery, meal replacement drinks, medication)
      • Represent complex health information in a clear, simple format, readily understandable by the individual assuming they have little or no nutritional background
  8. Establishing a Weight Loss Business
    • Starting a New Business
    • Personality and Lifestyle
    • Affordability
    • Industry Knowledge and Experience
    • Starting a Business versus Buying a Franchise
    • Business Plans
    • The Planning Process
    • Marketing
    • The Marketing Plan Promotion, Advertising, Networking
    • Summary of a Successful Business