Online Marine Biology, Aquaculture and Aquarium Courses

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Online Marine Biology, Aquaculture and Aquarium Courses

✓ Self-Paced

✓ Flexible Study Schedule 

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Aquaculture and Marine Biology Course Certificates for Adult Learners


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The range of topics and the assignment questions provide not only a method to ensuring students review a range of resources but also ensure that a number of aspects in marine biology are engaged with.

W. A. True

Marine Biology Graduate

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Save and get four of your favorite aquaculture/marine courses bundled together.  You get to study aquaculture (fresh water), marine aquaculture (salt water), and pick from Aquaponics, Marine Studies A and Marine Studies B.  Other options include Starting a Small Business or Project Management.  Each module is 100 hours duration, is online (self paced study) and […]


This course provides the student with a strong foundation in marine organism anatomy and physiology and an understanding of the habitats and environmental influences upon them. There are two core modules (Marine Studies A and B) which cover a wide range of marine families, student can then select two electives from Earth Science, Aquaculture, Mariculture, […]

Australian Aquaculture. Sale!

Learn the essentials of aquaculture.  You will learn how to setup an aquaculture system and learn the care and breeding of freshwater fish as well as how to manage an aquaculture enterprise for fresh water fish. Enhance your expertise in this important course. Improve your work prospects in the field by developing your capacity to […]

Aquaponics Online Course

Learn Aquaponics Systems with this unique online course. This course will suit for anyone who has a commercial interest either in hydroponics, aquaculture or both, as well as the home enthusiast with a passion for DIY Aquaponics! In this in-depth course you will learn: aquaponics introduction, animal & plant growth science growing mediums and nutrients […]

Online aquarium course Sale!

Online Aquarium Course For business or pleasure, this online aquarium course covers a wide range of topics including: fresh water systems salt water systems breeding fish set and design of aquarium systems aquarium maintenance and much more.. This online aquarium course requires no prior knowledge and is suitable for anyone involved with or interested in […]

Mariculture (Marine Aquaculture) Online Course

In this unique online course you will learn the farming of salt water species of fish, shellfish, seaweed and other marine products. Learn to make plans and manage the farming of a broad variety of marine life. Self-paced learning, expert tutors, start anytime, 100 hours of learning to give you a sound foundation in marine […]

Online marine biology course.

This course is an excellent introduction for those who wish to work in the field of Marine Science or for those seeking to understand the range of fascinating marine environments and the organisms that inhabit them. You will be introduced to a wide range of factors related to marine studies that includes marine ecology systems, reef formation and function, marine […]

This course follows on from Marine studies A, and is an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge of a broad variety of marine organisms. It contains a  range of expertise that will boost the rewards for those seriously interested in the marine world of their hobby or career-linked pursuits. Divers, Fishermen and those involved in […]

I was so impressed I am going to do another course and maybe more after that!

John Andrews

Marine Studies (Biology) Graduate

The Aquarium Management course offered by Careerline Courses, is a great course to gain the insights of basic aquarium keeping, maintenance, different setups, and care of inhabitants. The tutors are a wealth of knowledge and happy to help. Recommended.

Wesley True

Aquarium Management Graduate

Why study aquaculture?

- Aquaculture is one of the fasted growing sectors in agriculture worldwide! Aquaculture and mariculture (marine or salt water aquaculture) is the husbandry of fresh and salt water populations of fish, cray, crustaceans and molluscs. Aquaculture can also be incorporated into hydroponic systems to provide a food supply of vegetables/herbs along with fish – this practice is known as aquaponics which is a very popular course.
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