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Operations Management Online Course Sale!

Course Aims: Explain the economic environment in which business operates. Appraise the impact of external influences. Establish the type of information required for operations in both commercial businesses and service organisations. Examine the process and analyse approaches to strategic planning. Examine the process and analyse approaches to strategy formation and implementation. Prepare a business plan. […]

Human Resource Management Online Course Sale!

Human Resource [HR] Management is the management of an organization’s employees. While human resource management is sometimes referred to as a “soft” management skill, effective practice within an organization requires a strategic focus to ensure that people resources can facilitate the achievement of organizational goals. Employees in any business are it’s most important assets. Like any assets employees need […]

Professional Practice for Consultants Online Course Sale!

A highly recommended course for anyone with professional standing who is wanting to become a consultant.  Learn to set up your practice the correct way from the start. Read free article here – Professional Practice for Consultants Course Aims: Analyse current industry requirements and your individual needs to determine if opening a consultancy is appropriate. […]

Professional Supervision Online Course Sale!

Professional Supervision online course is primarily suited to those involved with counseling or other industries which require supervision of professional staff especially those in emotionally demanding occupations. You will learn to support and direct your professional staff, learn about issues such as conduct, burn-out and ethics. This course develops skills in supervising other professionals and an […]

Project Management Online Course Sale!

Project management is the activity of organising, planning and managing resources to achieve a specific goal within recognised constraints.   It is a very valuable skill for employees as it is one of the few cross-industry skills, being as relevant to construction or software development as it is to environmental projects and more. Careerline’s project […]

Intensive Project Management Course.

Pick up this essential cross industry skills in this online intensive short course. Project managers assess, plan, organise, and manage resources; direct old and new work; and deliver quality goods and service on time. They’re also necessary in almost every discipline, in fields as diverse as event planning, teaching, architecture, and medical practice. Learn how […]


For any company or organisation to have success financially it must have a desirable product. This product must be of need to a large proportion of the general public. Advertising, using all available media outlets, should get the message across. But the most important link after the manufacturing and advertising (marketing) is the salesperson/sales representative […]

Sales Skills Online Course Sale!

The ability to be persuasive is an essential skill for all sales jobs. In communicating how the product or service you’re selling will meet the buyer’s needs and desires, product knowledge plus an ability to relate to people is crucial. Be a better salesperson Learn to close the deal Start a new business or grow […]

Sales Success Online Short Course.

If you are to sell something properly, you must know what you are selling, both its strengths and weaknesses. Only then are you prepared to answer the full range of questions that are likely to be thrown at you by a prospective customer. This product knowledge not only makes you a more effective salesperson; it […]

Manage Events – Gain a better understanding of event management with our short course! If the idea of organising, managing and running events sounds like an exciting and interesting career or interest for you and you are not sure about what exactly is involved in events managing, our 20 hour short course will provide you […]

Why study business and marketing?


Get open for business with a huge range of online courses at cost-effective prices with no job placement necessary. Or if you’re looking to be a job-ready employee, get set with practical skills and up to date knowledge. Additionally if you are already working and wish to upskill and add to your knowledge, taking an online course such as motivation or human resource management will help advance your skills and employability. Remember too that many business courses are cross-industry such as Project Management. 


Careerline’s business course range covers marketing, business management, project management, human resource management, bookkeeping or sales, industrial psychology, entrepreneurship, supervision, legal terminology and more. You can study from home and earn while you learn as all courses are offered as self-paced study.


All of our courses are offered online with printed notes available and with unlimited tutor support by email from our qualified and experienced tutors, who currently and actively work within the world of business.  The courses are put into three groups for easy access below.  Feel free to use the button below to get in touch with us for more info or just to say hi!


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