Professional Practice for Consultants BBS301 Online Course

Professional Practice for Consultants Online Course Sale!
Duration 100 hrs (12 months)
Exam Optional
Tutor Support Yes unlimited by email
Qualification Certificate

A highly recommended course for anyone with professional standing who is wanting to become a consultant.  Learn to set up your practice the correct way from the start.

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Course Aims:

  • Analyse current industry requirements and your individual needs to determine if opening a consultancy is appropriate.
  • Determine the business structure appropriate for your consultancy practice.
  • Produce a business plan and implementation schedule
  • Determine costs involved in setting up a practice and how to set fees.
  • Describe different communication and marketing techniques.
  • Describe different administrative procedures including invoicing and maintaining records and accounts.
  • Determine industry best practice for obtaining and keeping your customers
  • Recognise responsibility towards yourself and employees in maintaining and expanding your practice, and to develop strategies to cater for increased demand.


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Detailed Course Outline

This course is made up of a number of lessons or units.  Each of these has self assessment questions, a set task (practical homework) and an assignment which you can upload online.  Click below to read about each of the lessons and what you will learn.

Detailed Course Outline..

There are 8 lessons in this course:

  1. Determining If a Consultancy Practice is for You
    • Nature and Scope
    • Pros and Cons of Being a Consultant
    • What is Needed to be a Consultant
    • Codes of Contact
    • Are You Ready
    • Getting Started
  2. Planning a Consultancy Practice: Part 1
    • Methods of Entering Business
    • Deciding Where to Work
    • Equipment
    • Start Up Finance
    • Business Structures
    • Insurance
    • Set Up Costs
    • Having Assistance Available
  3. Planning a Consultancy Practice: Part 2
    • Preparing a Business Plan for a Consultancy
    • Business Plan Pro Forma
  4. Knowing What to Charge
    • Determining Costs
    • Available Work Time
    • Convincing Clients of Value in Your Fees
  5. Setting Up Your Consulting Practice
    • Finding Clients
    • Marketing a Consultancy Practice
    • Establishing a Press Kit
    • Using the Internet
    • Stationary
    • Networking
    • Communications
  6. Keeping Accounts and Records
    • Keeping Records
    • Source Documents
    • Handling Invoices
    • Time sheets
    • Being Organised
  7. How to Generate Business and Keep It
    • Using Agents or Brokers
    • Sub Contracting other Consultants and Support Services
    • Propagating Referrals
    • References from Clients
    • Tenders
    • Writing Articles
    • Successful Client Relations
    • Closing a Deal
    • Keeping Clients
    • Dealing with Clients who Say No
    • Principles of Getting Business
  8. Maintaining Your Consultancy Practice
    • Hiring Staff, Expanding Business
    • Creating Passive Income
    • Working in a Changing World

When you have completed your lessons you have the option of taking the optional exam. It's ok if you don't want the exam, we still issue your Careerline Certificate.

Course Tutor(s)

Thea Roberts   B.Comm., M.A. (Leisure Management), Grad. Dip. Ed. Fitness Leaders Cert., I.T.C.

With over a decade of hospitality experience at all levels from recreation to resort General Manager, combined with both a love of education and business, Thea is a very welcome addition to Careerline Courses. Thea is actively involved in continuing professional development in both hospitality and business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay in installments?

Yes! We offer great payment plans, however full payment up front is the cheapest. You can choose the best payment plan for you from the course page, or call us on 07 55368782 to talk to one of our course consultants for a custom plan.

Can I study from anywhere in the world?

We have many international students. Careerline's range of courses are suitable for any one, anywhere in the world.

Do I get a discount if I enroll in a second course?

Yes. You may claim a 5% fee discount when you enroll in a second course, and a further 10% off a three-course package.


Do I have to sit an Exam?

No. If you are enrolled in a Certificate course (100hrs), the exam is optional. You will be issued with a certificate which proves that you are competent in all units, if you choose not to sit the exam.

Do you have set start dates?

There are no set start dates, you may start at any time. Our courses are all self-paced. As our home page says, ‘Courses for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime’. ‘Anytime’ includes the start time of your choice. However, we do encourage our students to submit assignments on a regular basis. Wherever possible, we suggest developing a study routine.