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Environmental conservation is conservation of resources and the protection of natural assets underpinned by science.  These courses provide a practical approach to various aspects of this field including Environmental Assessment, Conservation and Management, Revegetation and more.  All courses are tutored by Abraham Mijares, BSC. M.Sc. of Science in Ecology, Cert. IV TAE,  Cert. III Conservation and Land Management.

All of our courses are offered online with printed notes available, with unlimited tutor support by email from our qualified, friendly tutors. Find out more or receive your free info pack by emailing us at info@careerlinecourses.com or call us on 1300 172 882.

Conservation and Environmental Management Online Course

Start in Environmental Conservation This course develops a basis for managing conservation in different environments.  The course reviews basic ecology and environmental problems such as pollution and land degradation. It also gives an insight into the conservation of animals and their habitats including marine ecosystems, threatened species, bush lands and what current and future issues the conservation […]

Environmental Assessment Online Course

This course aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to be able to undertake a variety of environmental assessments.  Topics covered include environmental law, employment within the assessment industry, what is an environmental assessment, different types of assessment, how to carry out an environmental assessment, writing research reports and a final project. This […]

Environmental Waste Management Online Course

A great course for anyone working in waste management, or the broader field of environmental management. This course complements many of our other environmental courses; but is equally valuable as a training program for those who wish to develop a broad overview of the nature and scope of waste, and the many ways it can […]

Landscape Restoration (Revegetation) Online Course

Understand environmental systems and the care and regeneration of vegetation This hands-on and practical course will teach you about rehabilitating sites without having to do a degree, this is a good place to obtain the knowledge necessary to get you up and running.  Landscape restoration is a growing field. The importance of trees to land […]

Park Management A (Introduction) Online Course

If your dream is to work outdoors with nature or animals; this course is best for you. Get the skills you need in order to make right decisions, big and small. Appropriate for anyone working with or want to work with, national parks, wilderness parks or wildlife parks. Park Management I provides you with practical […]

Park Management B Online Course

This course builds on Park Management A, but could be taken as a stand alone course.  Park Management B focuses more on managing the various aspects of parks such as visitor supervision and monitoring, trail management, risk management and safety issues and the marketing of commercial operations. Other courses that would be useful in this career […]

Water Conservation and Management Online Course

Access to clean water is one of the critical environmental issues of the 21st century.   Obtain an understanding of water management and conservation with practical knowledge and skills as well as an insight into water recycling and industrial applications. Course Aims: Explain the importance of water in the world and the reasons for its […]

I completed this course as an aid to help me to get into University in an environmental field. This course gave me an insight into what I would be learning and helped me to realise this type of field is definitely where I want to be working in the future.

Tiffany Clare

Earth Science Graduate

Environmental Assessment BEN-301 is a basic environmental course that explains the foundations to a complex industry that is defined by international and federal laws. It is a worthwhile initial course for people who are interested to broaden their knowledge and also others who would like to springboard their university qualifications.

Jye West

Environmental Assessment Graduate

What is the difference between Environmental Conservation and Environmental Science?

Environmental conservation is a general term used to cover anything we do to protect our natural resources and minimise environmental damage. Conservation aims to a) minimise our use of resouces and b) protect their sourse, the environment and is based on the fact that the major of our resources are finite.   Environmental science is the process of measuring, assessing and understanding our natural world.  The facts learned by environmental science are used to generate the direction of conservation efforts and to measure how effective they are.  Environmental science covers areas such as ecology, earth science, zoology, climate science (atmospheric science) and more.

Many of our students have a deep interest in the environment and wish to make a career in environmental protection.  These online courses are perfect as stepping stones before committing to a degree or longer course of study, to see if the the subject really does interest you and to gap fill areas in their resume or skills set .


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