Counselling and Psychology Online Courses





Accredited Short Courses, Professional Development Courses, Counselling Courses and Psychology Courses. Delivered online by Careerline courses

There are many ways to be of help to others, and even more career paths to be followed in offering help.

Careerline courses have a huge range of 100-hour professional development courses in counselling which are suitable to help extend your current qualifications or as a stepping stone course to get you started until you are ready to commit to a longer qualification.  Try looking at Aged Care Counselling, Counselling Skills A or relationship and communication counselling.

Online courses in grief counselling, stress management and anger management, to give a few examples from the huge range of available online counselling courses, are great for up-skilling and value adding to your resume, or for professional development within your work pathway

For those of you who want to understand psychology without having to enrol in a degree, we offer a range of 100-hour short courses online which can get you started. Popular courses include Criminal psychology, Child Developmental Disorders, Sports Psychology and Industrial Psychology.

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