Online Psychology & Counselling Courses

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Online Psychology & Counselling Courses

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Counselling and Psychology Certificate Courses for Adult Learners

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Life Coaching - Help People Feel Better! Sale!

Study Life Coaching and Start Helping Others Get the the skills you need to set up and work as a life coach Help you develop contacts and build networks within industry Raise your awareness of opportunities within the Coaching Industry Lay a sound foundation of knowledge and skills which can grow with experience and further study Life coaching not […]

Managing Mental Health in Adults Online Course Sale!

This course requires no prior knowledge and is suitable for anyone either on a professional basis or as a hobby. This is suitable for (but not limited to): Social workers Counsellors Teachers Psychologists Trainee counsellors Volunteer counsellors Mental health workers Learning disability workers Support workers Health and well-being workers Stress management/ Anger management consultants Human resources staff […]

Marketing Psychology Online Course Sale!

In this Marketing Psychology online course you will learn to connect with your customer, find out what your customer needs because having a great product or service doesn’t necessarily result in success. You must also be able to connect with the right customers; and convince them to deal with you rather than anyone else.  Through this […]

Motivation Online Course Sale!

Motivation is the driving force by which humans achieve their goals. Learn to motivate others and keep yourself motivated too! This is recommended course for anyone in a supervisory or management position and this course complements Management and Professional Supervision. Why learn motivation?  Motivated employees are needed in our modern workplaces. They help organizations survive. Motivated staff […]

Multicultural Awareness Online Course Sale!

In this online Multicultural Awareness course you will develop an understanding of appropriate practices and procedures within different cultures.  Some consider these differences to be of great significance in determining human behavior and thinking, others view culture as just one of many factors that influence the behavior of individuals and groups. This course is suitable for […]

Neuropsychology Online Course Sale!

Cognitive neuropsychology is the area of psychology that studies brain-damaged patients to understand the workings of our brain. Our brain is constructed of two hemispheres which are responsible for different facets of human personality and behaviour. Despite some essential differences in some functions, these hemispheres communicate through inter-hemispheric neural connections, most through the corpus callosum. […]

Play Leadership Online Course Sale!

Play is one the most important things a child does.  Without play there is no creativity and imagination. Learn to help children play with this unique course. This course will develop valuable skills in anyone working, or wishing to work with children. Our staff have experience training play leaders since the late 1970s, our knowledge in the industry […]

Professional Practice in Counselling Online Course Sale!

The psychological health of the counsellor is crucial in determining the success of the counselling relationship. A counsellor owes it to the client not to engage in counselling whilst experiencing problems of their own. This course will help you provide appropriate professional practices and attitudes necessary to develop a healthy client-counsellor relationship. Pre-requisites: It is […]

Psychological Assessment Online Course Sale!

A psychological assessment is when a trained psychologist uses the strategies and tools of psychology to learn general or specific facts about people, either to let others know how they function or to foresee their behaviour and functioning in the future. Learn how Psychological Assessments are carried out. Professional Development Course for anyone working in […]

Psychology and Counselling Online Course Sale!

Develop your ability to analyse psychological conditions, and apply that knowledge in counselling, or advisory situations.  Learn more about the study of abnormal psychology, behaviours in different situations, stress and counselling. Course Aims: Identify the nature of conflict and stress and why this issue affects so many people today. Identify and examine behaviours that are […]


Why Study Counselling & Psychology?

Join our expert tutors Dr Nick and Karen as they help you learn about the people around you.  Whether you’re struggling to help other people, you need to understand the psychology of people at work, school or home or you’re just curious about the human mind, studying psychology or counselling will help you.

What is the difference between Counselling and Psychology? 

Psychology is a scientific discipline that focused on evidence based strategies to diagnose and help people with mental health issues (non-medicinally).  Psychology focuses on human behaviour and thought processes. Psychology is a government regulated industry.  That means there are very strict regulations about who can call themselves and practice professional as a psychologist.  Completing a 100 hour certificate course will not qualify you to call yourself or practice as a psychologist.  These courses will provide you with insight, understanding and information about a specific subject in psychology.  

Counselling provides a professional service to help people resolve issues.  Counselling is not a government regulated industry.  If you want to practice professionally as a counselling it is best to look at a minimum Diploma in Counselling.

Who are these online counselling and psychology courses courses for?

These courses will work for you if you are looking for a fully tutor supported counselling or psychology course that is not a huge commitment, that doesn’t cost you the earth but will still get you thinking and learning and most importantly get you the result you want.  Many students do a single subject as a stepping stone to a bigger thing, or find its enough to help improve their relationships, be able to help others more effectively or just develop a deeper understanding of the people around them.

Do I have to know much about psychology or counselling before I start?

No, our psychology and counselling certificate courses assume no prior knowledge and are designed as a practical guide to help you learn.


What Support will I Receive?

All our online psychology and counselling courses come with unlimited experienced and expert tutor support via email.  We only employ tutors who are current in their field which means they are not sitting around our office waiting for phone calls!  We find email works best, if there is a problem that can’t be resolved give us a call on 07 5536 8783 or email our student support desk.

You will get a real tutor who provides you with personalised support and feedback. No tick and flick. Learn with real tutors who will be there for you every step of the way. When you enroll will receive a welcome email from your tutor. You are free to email them for help or guidance as much as you need to. We employ tutors who are active in their field so the support is by email.

What is the course duration?

Generally the courses should take you about 100 hours of study.  We give you up to 12 months to complete the course, but you can finish faster.  Each lesson has a written assignment for you will receive individual feedback from your tutor.  There are also self assessment quizzes for each lesson (non assessable).  The strength of our courses is in that each lesson has an assignment, this means you are forced to engage with the content and can’t just skip over an important lesson.  By the end of the course you have really engaged and that equals learning!

Which Counselling or Psychology Course Should I do?

Careerline Courses has a huge range of 100-hour professional development courses in counselling which are suitable to help extend your current qualifications or as a stepping stone course to get you started until you are ready to commit to a longer qualification.  Try looking at Aged Care Counselling, Counselling Skills A or Relationship and Communication Counselling.


Online courses in Grief Counselling, Stress Management and Anger Management, to give a few examples from the huge range of available online counselling courses, are great for up-skilling and value adding to your resume, or for professional development within your work pathway.    For students who want to understand psychology without having to enroll in a degree, we offer a range of 100-hour short courses online which can get you started. Popular courses include Criminal Psychology, Child Developmental Disorders, Sports Psychology and Industrial Psychology.

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