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This course is relevant for self improvement, or professional development (for any allied health professionals such as counsellors, life coaches, fitness instructors or nutrition consultants) and supervisors.  Stress management is vitally important for everyone regardless of who or how you live.  We all need a bit of stress, but too much is detrimental to your health and affects your decision making and the quality of your relationships.  Learn about stress and its management in this 100 hour course.

Course Aims:

  • Identify changes that occur to the body as stress develops.
  • Identify the relationship between lifestyle and stress.
  • Discuss the impact of legal drugs on the psychology of a person.
  • Discuss the importance of self esteem in minimizing stress.
  • Determine options for career management that will minimize potential for stress.
  • Identify and address security issues that impact on stress levels.
  • Identify aspects of relaxation and nutrition in a person’s life that may impact upon stress levels.
  • Identify the relationship between stress and personality type.


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Detailed Course Outline

This course is made up of a number of lessons or units.  Each of these has self assessment questions, a set task (practical homework) and an assignment which you can upload online.  Click below to read about each of the lessons and what you will learn.

There are 8 lessons in this course:

Body Changes

  • Modern Day Stressors including Controls, Complexity, Competition and Computers.
  • Symptoms and Affects of Stress
  • Muscle Responses to stress
  • The Gastrointestinal Response to stress
  • The Cardiovascular Response to stress
  • The Skin Response to stress
  • The fight or flight response
  • Stress Effects on Well-being
  • Stress and the immune system
  • Developing a Stress Management Response Program

Easy Living

  • Workaholics
  • Symptoms of Stress, including Confusion, Depression, Changes in sleeping, eating or sexual habits, Mood changes and drugs
  • Determining the Cause of Stress
  • Deciding How to Deal with Stresses
  • Stress Terminology
  • Understanding Self Image
  • Tips for Relaxation e.g. Massage, Aromatherapy, Relaxation, Hobbies, etc
  • Controlling Stress
  • Too Little Stress is bad too

Pills and Alcohol

  • Understanding Alcohol
  • What is Too Much Alcohol
  • Over the Counter or Non Prescription Drugs
  • Drugs Prescribed by a Doctor
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Seeking help

Self Esteem

  • What is Self esteem
  • Realistic Expectations
  • Altering Your Perception
  • Social Support
  • Building Self Esteem in Others

Managing Your Own Career

  • Work Satisfaction
  • Managing a Career
  • Reviewing Your Career
  • Standing Out and Progressing

Security and Decision Making

  • Self assurance
  • Developing Security and Self Assurance
  • Analysing Ourselves
  • Decision making
  • Strategy
  • Problem solving

Relaxation and Nutrition

  • Relaxation
  • Nutrition; we are what we eat
  • Dietary Fibre, Vitamins and Minerals, and a Balanced Diet
  • Problems of Nutrition and Diet
  • Weight loss
  • Tips for Healthy Eating

Personality and Stress

  • Relationship between Personality and Stress
  • Personality Types -Type A and Type B personalities
  • Introvert
  • Extrovert
  • Personal style inventory -How to Determine Personality Type

When you have completed your lessons you have the option of taking the optional exam. It's ok if you don't want the exam, we still issue your Careerline Certificate.

Course Tutor(s)

Thea Roberts   B.Comm., M.A. (Leisure Management), Grad. Dip. Ed. Fitness Leaders Cert., I.T.C.

With over a decade of hospitality experience at all levels from recreation to resort General Manager, combined with both a love of education and business, Thea is a very welcome addition to Careerline Courses. Thea is actively involved in continuing professional development in both hospitality and business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay in installments?

Yes! We offer great payment plans, however full payment up front is the cheapest. You can choose the best payment plan for you from the course page, or call us on 07 55368782 to talk to one of our course consultants for a custom plan.

Can I study from anywhere in the world?

We have many international students. Careerline's range of courses are suitable for any one, anywhere in the world.

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Yes. You may claim a 5% fee discount when you enroll in a second course, and a further 10% off a three-course package.


Do I have to sit an Exam?

No. If you are enrolled in a Certificate course (100hrs), the exam is optional. You will be issued with a certificate which proves that you are competent in all units, if you choose not to sit the exam.

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There are no set start dates, you may start at any time. Our courses are all self-paced. As our home page says, ‘Courses for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime’. ‘Anytime’ includes the start time of your choice. However, we do encourage our students to submit assignments on a regular basis. Wherever possible, we suggest developing a study routine.