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Nearly everyone uses writing skills in day to day life. However not everyone has a natural flow or the skill to enable them to communicate in a clear and concise manner. Careerline’s range of 100-hour online writing courses offer a chance to improve your skills for everyday tasks, to gain the confidence to take on that big project, to feel relaxed about producing ongoing work reports, undertaking a thesis, or writing a novel.  We offer full tutor support by email, with qualified and published tutors, so you’re never alone with your studies. Tutor: Robert N. Stephenson All of our courses are offered online with printed notes available, with unlimited tutor support by email from our qualified, friendly tutors. Find out more or receive your free info pack by emailing us at info@careerlinecourses.com or call us on 1300 172 882
It [the course] seemed to have a logical flow. I appreciated the flexibility in completing the course at my pace. I also enjoyed being able to complete the assignments in any order. I was able to use assignments for work and volunteer activities which was very beneficial. D. Lynas

Technical Writing Graduate

Learn to Write Biographies A biography is the story of someone’s life and can either extend for their whole life or just a specific period.  This course will give you the skills you need to write biographies and will answer your questions such as how to research for writing a biography, how do I plan […]

Children's Writing Online Course Sale!

Writing for children is one of the most challenging disciplines an author can choose.  Learn to write for the most imaginative and creative audience that you will ever face. Gain skills in writing fiction and non fiction for children, improve your understanding of children and their development, improve your writing skills and learn from an experienced author. Read a […]

Creative Writing Online Course Sale!

This course is ideal for anyone who loves to write and wants to improve their skills and ability.  Gain tools to help you write for different genres and gain an introduction to writing books, for newspapers, non-fiction and fiction. suitable for students who want to write but are not sure what to write those who […]

Dramatic Writing Online Course Sale!

Learn to write drama, and stimulate the readers emotions Learn more about the mechanics of writing Develop your capacity to communicate more clearly and effectively Explore opportunities to turn your passion into a rewarding job Do you have story ideas but don’t know where to start? Do you want to create plots that are engaging and […]


All writing should be clearly understood by the reader If you’re dashing off a quick email to your workmates or preparing a complex business report, your writing must clear, concise, and correctly spelt and structured. During this course you will learn the fundamentals of correct and efficient writing. For those who wish to brush up […]

ESL Writing Fundamentals Online Course Sale!

This course will develop your knowledge of English grammar and your ability to write in English for business and study. The course is aimed at students who can write and speak basic English and wish to strengthen their English language skills, particularly their writing skills. Students will learn by reading the course notes, completing written […]


Do you want to be published? Learn to write like a professional!  Learn about the key elements of different genres of writing. Improve your writing technique.  Develop a more efficient approach to your work. This is an ideal course to follow ‘Freelance Writing’. It is for people who have existing skills in Freelance Writing, but […]

Freelance Writing Online Course Sale!

Freelance writing can be a highly satisfying and rewarding way to earn money, either as a part time or full time career. To be successful at Freelance Writing, you need good writing skills of course ….but also, saleable ideas, patience, persistence and an ability to meet obligations and deadlines. Learn how to write what publishers want Improve your […]


Learn to unleash your imagination and get started. Learn how to write books with different genres such as Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. Widen the range of your imaginative ideas as you write Science Fiction, dwell in the world of magic, mythic elements in fantasy and scare your readers with your horror stories.

Can You Write Horror? Sale!

Learn to write horror, science fiction and fantasy in this unique self-paced online course.   These genre’s are central to our society, our myths and our storytelling, consider some of our most popular books and movies such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and The Walking Dead.  Horror allows us to feel fear, fantasy allows […]

Careerline’s online writing courses range from creative writing and technical writing to children’s writing and more, and if you have a career in publishing in mind, we have online publishing and editing courses as well to get you started,  even how to publish your own book on Kindle.
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