Learn to grow herbs online.

If you are serious about starting your own commercial herb farm or nursery, or maybe an organic herb enterprise, then this course is for you. Study herbs online in this 400 hour/ 2-year duration course. Study two core modules (Herb Culture and Organic Farming) and select two electives from a range of 7 electives allowing […]

Advanced Certificate in Organic Food Systems Online Course Sale!

If you dream of starting your own organic farm this course can help you get there. Gain skills in organic farming and pick from a range of electives to focus in on your area of interest.    

Agronomy Course Online Sale!

What is agronomy? Agronomy is the growing of field crops for use as human food, animal feed, fibre, oil seed production and some industrial products. Agronomy includes crops such as wheat, and cotton but does not cover vegetable, fruit, forestry and flower crops.  This agronomy course covers specifically the production of broadleaf crops. What will […]


Learn to successfully grow cereals, pulses and pseudo grains! You will learn the five factors needed to grow grains profitably in this course and more: Good quality seed, with high germination rate Protect seeds against pests and disease Prepare seedbed well Adequate nutrition in soil Timely sowing – temperature, moisture and climatic conditions suitable What […]


Do you need to learn more about growing root crops in order to increase your farms profitability or because you want to get started in a new market?  We can help with this 100 hour self paced course.  This course will help you discover different varieties of root vegetables, learn best growing practices and understand […]


Berries can form a viable alternative or supplementary crop with varieties suitable for many different climates and conditions.  This course will provide you the knowledge to make informed decisions and sound management skills for a range of berry crops. This course is ideal for both the berry enthusiast and commercial grower, covering all aspects of […]

Commercial Organic Vegetable Growing Online Course Sale!

Learn the processes required to tap into the commercial organic vegetable market. This extensive course provides a wealth of knowledge and practical skills and shows you how to market your produce. Learn all aspects of organic vegetable production. Gain practical knowledge in this growing industry. Enhance your job prospects. Study in your own time at your […]

Commercial Vegetable Production Online Course Sale!

Develop the skills and knowledge necessary for commercial vegetable production, examining in depth different techniques of production. Learn the importance of soils, plant-cultural practices and pest and disease management as an excellent method to obtain optimum crop production.  A general overview of vegetable crop management including post harvest and marketing. Note: This course shares topics with  Commercial […]

Cut Flower Bulbs Course Sale!

This course is designed to develop your ability to select and cultivate appropriate varieties of bulbs as cut flowers, in different situations. It gives you an understanding of the plant families bulbs belong to, their cultural needs, how to prevent and treat pest and disease problems plus the basis of horticultural knowledge: soil types and […]

Cut Flower Orchids Online Course Sale!

Orchids thrive naturally in very cold temperate climates through to tropical locations; and allows you to choose appropriate species and treat them according to location. It is feasible to grow orchids as cut flowers almost anywhere. Orchids are one of the most commercially viable cut flower crops (partially due to their beauty, and also due […]

…and was better than I anticipated. It will assist me greatly going forward in my current role as a fertiliser sales and advisory role.

Peter Warren

Agronomy Graduate

The course was not only educational, but pulled together all the components in the final assignment to make it applicable to the real world workforce.

Grant Alera

Agronomy Graduate

What Crop Course Online do We Offer?

The Cut Flower range covers four 100-hour course modules including Cut Flower Production, Greenhouse Cut Flowers and Cut Flower Orchids and Bulbs. All four modules can be taken in an Advanced Certificate.

The Fruit & Nut Production courses cover both Temperate Fruit Production and Warm Climate Fruit Production for a wide range of fruit. We also have a module on Viticulture, one on Berries as well as two courses on Nut Production (again Temperate and one for Warm Climate Nuts).

Vegetables are covered in Commercial Vegetable Production or Organic Commercial Vegetable Production  courses.  Other crops covered by courses include Mushroom Production, as well as a range of aquaponic courses.

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