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If you love dogs or dream of working as a dog trainer then our 100-hr dog course is perfect for you.  

Learn about canine psychology, dog training and obedience, solving behavioural disorders, and much more in this online course. 

This course is suitable for anyone wanting to learn more about dogs and their behaviour and training.


Understand why dogs behave the way they do with animal psychology
Build a respectful and receptive relationship
Create wellbeing and teach good behaviour from puppies through to maturity

Introduction to Dog Training and Dog Psychology

Understanding dog psychology and behaviour is important for anyone who works with dogs or keeps them as a companion animal.

Understanding how dogs have developed anatomically and physiologically from their wild counterpart, the wolf, helps us to understand behaviours we see in domesticated dogs.

This allows us to provide an environment in which the dog remains a happy and healthy companion.

It’s important to remember that many dogs display behavioural problems or ‘unwanted behaviour’ at various stages in their lives.

Often unwanted behaviour is merely a symptom of an underlying problem (either mental or physical) and the unwanted behaviour that is displayed is the dog’s way of coping with the problem.  

It is important to remember that the behaviour may be ‘unwanted’ in human terms only; it is a natural response for a dog to bark when the doorbell rings or to dig a hole in the garden.  Understanding dog psychology will help make sense of the dog’s behaviour.

Our online courses provide the convenience of learning new skills and gaining knowledge in the time and location that works for you

What's Inside Our Dog Training Course?

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This module covers the history of the canine evolution, self-domestication and canine industries to give you a good grounding.

This module covers how to understand canine communication and body language. It also covers their sight, smell, sounds and elimination postures

In this module, we look at the social structure, social behaviour, sexual and maternal behaviours as well as aggression and clinical problems.

We also examine biological rhythms, sleep, eating and drinking, parturition, and suckling and weaning.

This is a great module that looks at nature or nurture, sensitive periods and neurological development.

We also investigate canine temperament testing and how breeds differ

This module is packed with behaviour disorders and how to handle them. We cover attention-seeking behaviour, excessive barking, chewing, running away and chasing moving objects.

We also look at begging, digging, separation anxiety, phobias, excessive compulsive disorders, cognitive dysfunction and calming a dog

This module covers basic dog training including conditioning, classical conditioning, operant conditioning, house training and socialisation.

We also discover information about house training, the use of visual signals and voice commands and the use of training aids.

This unit gets into more specific dog obedience training and covers practical training techniques for commands such as recall, sit, stand, drop, leave and down.

We also cover stay, heel, seek, retrieve and bark on Signal

This module focuses on controlling a dog’s movement including the territorial nature of dogs, fencing, dog doors and kennels.

We also look at exercise requirements, socialisation requirements, walking on a lead/leash, electronic barriers, microchips, pet registration and licensing and controlling killing wildlife

This unit is all about training working dogs including training for scent discrimination or substance detection, training for retrieving and guarding.

We also look at hearing dogs, herding, tracking and controlling attacks on animals and people

Hi, I'm Karin
Hi, I'm Karin
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I have a love and passion for animals from growing up on a farm in South Africa. After gaining a Veterinary Science degree, I worked in mixed general practice while completing a master’s degree in Veterinary Parasitology. Living and working in South Africa exposed me to a vast range of experiences in the veterinary field: treating patients ranging from marmoset monkeys to lions to the everyday cat, dog or horse. Two years as a Laboratory Vet resulted in helping farmers tackle livestock health problems in a variety of farm production systems. Since her move to Western Australia with my family, I have been working in a small animal practice. During my 20 years as a vet, I've been involved in several research projects and the tutoring of students in various fields of animal science. I love mentoring students and sharing my knowledge, and helping students flourish and realise their full potential!
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Why Careerline Courses?

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It’s for anyone with an interest in wanting to learn more about dogs and their behaviour and training.

This is a full certificate program that includes an online self-guided course, with 1 on 1 tutor support.

When you enrol you receive full access to all lessons, quizzes, tests and access to your tutor.

There are a series of quizzes or assignments throughout the course, to help compound and enhance your learning and you receive instant results to the quizzes.

Once complete, you take the final exam and receive your certificate of completion.

After purchasing the course online, you’ll receive an email that confirms your enrolment. Then you’ll receive your online course login details in a separate email (be sure to check your spam!)

This second email will contain a link to your course along with simple steps to set your password.

Yes, includes this course includes a Certificate that can be downloaded immediately when you successfully complete your course.

This course takes about 100 hours and can be done in your own time and at your own pace. You have access to your tutor for 12 months so you may take as long as you like.

Of course! We have easy 7 day refunds with no questions (*as per Terms and Conditions)

What Are You Waiting For?

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