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Environmental science underlies the theories and philiosphies behind the conservation and management of natural assets and resources.  Additionally science is used to measure the effectiveness of conservation measures.  These courses provide a practical approach to various aspects of this field including Earth Science, Climate Science,  Zoology and more.  All courses are tutored by Abraham Mijares, BSC. M.Sc. of Science in Ecology, Cert. IV TAE,  Cert. II Conservation and Land Management.

All of our courses are offered online with printed notes available, with unlimited tutor support by email from our qualified, friendly tutors. Find out more or receive your free info pack by emailing us at info@careerlinecourses.com or call us on 1300 172 882.

Alternative Energy Online Course Sale!

Learn to become less reliant on the electricity and gas companies and save money through alternative energy sources. Alternative Energy covers the basics of electricity, how to generate electricity from renewable resources, how to store energy, non-electrical systems, energy consumption and conservation. With the International Government initiatives regarding the pricing of carbon pollution emissions set […]

Biochemistry A (Introduction) (Plant) Online Course Sale!

Plant Biochemistry Distance Learning Course study the biochemistry of plants learnabout lipids, proteinsand enzymes; nitrogen and the nitrogen cycle, photosynthesis and respiration in plants, transpiration and assimilation, pH, chemical analysis improve understanding of biochemistry applications and more. Chemistry is the study of the various elements that make up the physical world and how they interact. […]

Botany B (Applied Plant Physiology) Online Course Sale!

Study about plant physiology and its implications for crops; post harvest management and more.  This course explains the principles and processes of plant physiology and their practical applications. It builds on prior studies in Botany A, plant physiology or other courses from the careerline range in Agriculture, Horticulture or Science. Best studied with Introduction to Botany. […]

Climatology Course Online

Climate Science is literally the hottest topic on the planet today. Often the science gets overwhelmed by politics and this course takes an unbiased line to lift the fog and teach the complexities.  Study Climatology in this 100 hour online course and on completion you will understand all the key scientific concepts and theories as well […]

Earth Science Online Course

Take a journey into the fascinating world of earth science and learn about the dynamic forces at work on, in and around the planet. A comprehensive and fascinating course. Discover the physical history of earth and the forces driving its changes. Learn about rocks, minerals, gases, oceans and plate tectonics and much more Investigate the science behind current environmental issues […]

Environmental Studies Online Course Sale!

Get an introduction to environmental studies This course will give you a broad-based grounding in environmental and conservation issues starting with ecosystems and living things and moving right through to the problems facing the environment today. For anyone interested in the environmental issues so much in the news today, this course will serve as a basis […]

Introduction to Ecology Online Course

With this Introduction course you will begin the fascinating journey into the world of ecological science. A field of study that is increasingly important as mankind realizes the need to manage the finite resources of the planet. Learn the varied ecosystems, their evolution and inhabitants and importantly, how they are connected and how they react to […]

Landscape Restoration (Revegetation) Online Course

Understand environmental systems and the care and regeneration of vegetation This hands-on and practical course will teach you about rehabilitating sites without having to do a degree, this is a good place to obtain the knowledge necessary to get you up and running.  Landscape restoration is a growing field. The importance of trees to land […]

Plant Ecology Online Course

Understand the nature and principles of plant ecology and apply that understanding to the cultivation and conservation of plants. Course Aims: Define the term ecosystem Explain the importance of plants as energy producers within ecosystems Explain basic ecological principles Define the terms open and closed plant communities, semi-natural vegetation, dominant species, climax association. Describe the […]

Statistics Online Course Sale!

Statistics is an important skill for anyone involved or are interested in the measurement and prediction of trends in either markets, science, the environment or health science.  It is one of the true tools that is cross-disciplinary. Course Aims: Become familiar with different statistical terms and the elementary representation of statistical data. Become familia with […]

It was a really wonderful experience for me – I have been interested in the subject all my life – but migrating to Australia 25 years ago, raising a family and working did not give me a chance – now that I am retired I can enjoy learning about this topic – keeps my old brain challenged – i consider going on…..

Andrea Raddatz

Earth Science Graduate

.. I now feel that I have a much clearer understanding of the structure and content of an EIS and I am more confident in my ability to read and write theses documents.

Leilani Dallin

Environmental Assessment Graduate

What is the difference between Environmental Conservation and Environmental Science?

Environmental conservation is a general term used to cover anything we do to protect our natural resources and minimise environmental damage. Conservation aims to a) minimise our use of resouces and b) protect their sourse, the environment and is based on the fact that the major of our resources are finite.   Environmental science is the process of measuring, assessing and understanding our natural world.  The facts learned by environmental science are used to generate the direction of conservation efforts and to measure how effective they are.  Environmental science covers areas such as ecology, earth science, zoology, climate science (atmospheric science) and more.

Many of our students have a deep interest in the environment and wish to make a career in environmental protection.  These online courses are perfect as stepping stones before committing to a degree or longer course of study, to see if the the subject really does interest you and to gap fill areas in their resume or skills set .


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