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Amenity Horticulture B Online Course Sale!

This course provides a more deeper look at factors impacting on amenity horticulture. Learn more on planning within amenity horticulture sites. Identify concerns and consider responses. Develop amenity sites for recreation, pleasure, visual enhancement and environmental improvement Prerequisite: You must complete Introduction to Amenity Horticulture before attempting this course.  

Biochemistry A (Introduction) (Plant) Online Course Sale!

Plant Biochemistry Distance Learning Course study the biochemistry of plants learnabout lipids, proteinsand enzymes; nitrogen and the nitrogen cycle, photosynthesis and respiration in plants, transpiration and assimilation, pH, chemical analysis improve understanding of biochemistry applications and more. Chemistry is the study of the various elements that make up the physical world and how they interact. […]

Botany B (Applied Plant Physiology) Online Course Sale!

Study about plant physiology and its implications for crops; post harvest management and more.  This course explains the principles and processes of plant physiology and their practical applications. It builds on prior studies in Botany A, plant physiology or other courses from the careerline range in Agriculture, Horticulture or Science. Best studied with Introduction to Botany. […]

Botany is the science of plants.

Learn PLANT PHYSIOLOGY AND TAXONOMY with expert tutor support You will learn the essential plant physiology and taxonomy.  This course will give you a sound introduction to plant morphology and anatomy; in agriculture, horticulture, environmental or plant science. Base knowledge for careers in teaching, pharmaceuticals or for those seeking a pathway to undergraduate plant specialist […]

Garden Centre Management Online Course

Garden Centre Management Distance Learning Course.  An extensive course which covers all areas of managing garden centres.  Designed to train garden centre management staff.  Developed in conjunction with major retailers and tutors.  Highly experienced and qualified industry experts as tutors. Study in your own time and at your own pace. Course Aims: Classify and identify […]

Garden Maintenance Online Course

Proper garden maintenance will save you time and money.   Learn how with this course. Understand the shortcuts to have a good looking garden without huge amounts of time and money.Highly respected and qualified industry experts as tutors.Learn more about garden maintenance. Course Aims: Evaluate the maintenance needs and develop a plan for maintaining a […]

Horticultural C (Plant Health) Online Course

This advanced course specialises in care of plant health.  Understand plant health. Identify health problems in plants and techniques to control for those problems. A useful qualification for anyone wanting to work in the plant industry. Learn from highly qualified and experienced tutors. Course Aims: Identify the characteristics of pests and diseases of plants. Explain […]

Horticultural Marketing Online Course

Plan and execute Effective Marketing Campaigns for Horticultural Produce or Garden Products.  In any industry including horticulture, competition is fierce and success depends upon the way you market your product. A sound knowledge of marketing processes will ensure that a business stays ahead of the competition. This is a comprehensive well-rounded course that offers the […]

Horticultural Resource Management Online Course

Home Study Horticulture Resource Management. This broad ranging course provides a sound introduction to management in horticulture. Skilled horticulture managers are in demand to develop strategies for enterprises in the horticulture industry. Gain skills to work in both private and public business enterprises.Developed specifically to develop horticulture business skills and resource management skills to ensure […]

Horticultural Therapy Online Course Sale!

Horticultural Therapy is the use of plants and gardens for rehabilitation and human healing. It is an ancient practice and a new profession as well. It is an interaction between people, plants and gardens to improve social, emotional, cognitive and physical well-being. Much horticultural therapy with children is education or developmentally-based and group focused. Horticultural […]

Horticulture A (Introduction) Online Course Sale!

Gain a broad technical grounding in horticultural principles and practice. The ideal course for the beginner, this is a basic, yet thoroughly practical course.A section of each lesson involves plant identification. This subject has been written to teach horticulture in a way that is relevant to all parts of the world. It puts aside regional […]

Horticulture B (Plant Knowledge) Online Course

Learn about the system of plant identification – once you know the “system” remembering names becomes easier. Learn shortcuts to identifying plants, and how to pronounce plant names Discover a pattern to cultural requirements, pest susceptibility, propagation methods and other plant characteristics. Expand the number of plants you can identify, and set yourself on track to […]

Nursery Growers Online Course Sale!

This course is designed to help set up and run a succesful nursery. This is the way many plant nurseries start. If you want to avoid some of the big pitfalls, and minimize the chances of wasting time and money; a course like this is a very wise move before you begin. Course Aims: Understand […]

Nursery Hands Online Course Sale!

Learn to work in a Production Plant Nursery This is a course designed in collaboration with nursery hands at the Greening Australia Hamel Nursery, south of Perth. It teaches the skills for day to day work in a production nursery. There are eleven lessons involving: The Nursery Industry – operational flow charts, nursery standards, plant […]

Nursery Sales Assistant Online Course Sale!

Study, Learn and Work in a Plant Nursery Improve your ability to sell plants and associated products This course was developed in response to a request from a retail nurseryman who was finding it difficult to find staff with appropriate skills. As he put it, job applicants were either over qualified or lacked the basic […]

Operational Business Management A (Horticulture Introduction) Online Course

A study focussing on managing Economics, Planning and Marketing of operations in horticulture. Your ability to manage a business can make a huge difference to your success in horticulture. In this course, you will learn to the business side of horticulture, including how to plan and implement effective strategies for your business and/or services. This […]