Online Health Science & Nutrition Courses

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Online Health Science & Nutrition Courses

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Nutrition Tutor

Jodie Walpole Bachelor of Applied Science (Food & Nutrition), Advanced Practitioner in Life Coaching

Jodie is a qualified Nutritionist and Advanced Practitioner in Life Coaching.  Jodie brings to Careerline over 15 years corporate nutrition and health experience as a result of working for several large multinational food and beverage companies.  Jodie is passionate about all aspects of nutrition, health and wellness with particular interest in weight management and childhood obesity.  

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Personal Energy Management Online Course Sale!

A fascinating study on managing your own energy. Essential for anyone who struggles to get through the day and despairs of having enough energy to achieve what they want in life.  

Play Leadership Online Course Sale!

Play is one the most important things a child does.  Without play there is no creativity and imagination. Learn to help children play with this unique course. This course will develop valuable skills in anyone working, or wishing to work with children. Our staff have experience training play leaders since the late 1970s, our knowledge in the industry […]

Recreation Leadership Online Course Sale!

An excellent starting point for anyone wishing to work in the field of recreation – conducting recreation programs or one to one as a recreation or youth leader. This module will develop knowledge and an understanding of the leadership qualities of the fitness workers in the industry. Course Aims: Describe the nature and scope of […]

Resistance and Gym Supervision Online Course Sale!

Study to be a Gym Supervisor, or expand your skills as a Personal Trainer or Sports Coach. Learn how to manage strength training for athletes or anyone else i

Sports Management A (Marketing Introduction) Online Course Sale!

As excellent course for anyone interested in sport management.  Promotion of events, raising funds and securing sponsorship as well as event management and media promotion are all covered. Course Aims: Discuss marketing skills for the leisure industry. Develop marketing strategies. Develop skills in dealing with the media to promote an organisation or service. Coordinate the […]

Sports Management B (Human Resource) Online Course Sale!

This course will help you to develop management strategies to maximise the productivity and efficiency of your workforce. Addressing concerns specific to human resources management in a recreation, fitness or coaching environments, this course will provide a strong practical and theoretical foundation in sport and recreation management. Course Aims: Manage work schedules. Manage a work […]

Sports Management C (Financial) Online Course Sale!

Develop management strategies for clerical and financial operations in a recreation or fitness environment. Keeping accurate and efficient financial records is paramount for successful business. During this course you will learn to develop strategies for managing administration and financial aspects for a sport or recreation facility or event. The course covers financial records, budgets, legal reporting, […]

Sports Management D (Policy) Online Course Sale!

Learn to put systems in place to better manage sport industry services and events. Develop management policy, procedural, and planning aspects of a recreation oriented service or facility. This course covers policy development and management, meeting operational procedures, planning process management, meeting and conference management as well as supervising reports. Course Aims: Influence the development […]

Sports Nutrition Online Course Sale!

This course is suitable for anyone with a passion for sports and those involved in coaching and performance.  Nutrition is now an essental part of any athletes conditioning. Develop your understanding of the way nutrition relates to sporting performance. Help sportsmen and athletes manage their diet Improve your own performance in sport Expand your career […]

Sports Psychology Online Course Sale!

Appropriate for coaches, athletes, physical education teachers, fitness instructors, trainers and anyone interested in sports. Develop your skills and application of psychological principles for use in sports. Learn about such things as psychological traits common to successful athletes, ways to keep and increase motivation, leadership, aggression and team dynamics. Develop your skills and understanding of […]

Why Study Health Sciences?

Human bodies are covered in our Anatomy and Physiology course range as well as in our Biochemistry and Cell Biology courses. These are 100-hour online short courses that are great for those wanting to brush up on their anatomy or physiology and build on their existing knowledge.  Get a head start and develop your human biology knowledge  and prepare for later studies in human sciences such as medicine and other health-related degrees!

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