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If you love getting your hands dirty and being in your garden then look at these courses.  You’ll love being able to successfully grow your own fruit and vegies, or to create a beautifully landscaped garden yourself or even just just get the kids out there!

All our gardening courses are all 100 hours duration and fully supported by our horticulture tutor: Barbara Tremain BSc. (Hons) Horticulture, RHS Adv. Cert,. RHS General, City & Guilds Garden Design, Permaculture Level 3.

All of our courses are offered online with printed notes available, with unlimited tutor support by email from our qualified, friendly tutors. Find out more or receive your free info pack by emailing us at info@careerlinecourses.com or call us on 1300 172 882.

Home Fruit Growing Online Course Sale!

.There is nothing like fruit from your own garden. It’s quality and nutrition is generally better than fruit that you buy because it’s fresh (the food value can deteriorate as the fruit ages), and you can be certain about what chemicals it has, or has not been, exposed to. Apart from this, growing your own […]

Home Garden Expert Online Course

This is a great course aimed at garden enthusiasts. Become a true garden guru, and acquire the skills to create the garden you want. A course in home gardening for anyone who wants to become an expert in their own garden. Study in your own home, in fact you can study in your own garden […]

Home Propagation (Beginner) Online Course Sale!

Save Money by Propagating your own Garden Plants at Home. A starter course for students with no previous experience of propagation. Covers all aspects of propagating plants. Develop a sound knowledge in starting and running your own propagation nursery. Learn about seed, cuttings, grafting, division, layering, materials and equipment. Course Aims: Obtain leaflets or catalogues plus […]

Home Vegetable Growing Online Course Sale!

Learn how to make your own vegetable garden at home. Study vegetable growing in your own home, supported by our expert tutors. Understand the principles of growing vegetables at home and learn how to get a healthy crop. Watching plants grow from seed to harvest and knowing that the armful of vegetables you have just […]

Landscaping Home Gardens Online Course Sale!

Learn how to plan, lay out and construct your own home garden and how to identify the plants most suited to your climate and situation. Whether you want a garden which you can work in, play in or simply look at and feel proud of then this course is for you. Learn the principles of […]

My tutor was excellent and I picked up really good support and feedback from her. Her comments/guidance was an important part of the learning process…Really enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it. Neil Hitchcock

Eucalyptus Graduate

…because it helped me understand all the basic principles of organic gardening and some concepts like role of earthworms, companion planting and crop rotation were really very interesting and useful.mple. Baltej Singh

Organic Plant Culture Graduate


Who are these courses for?

These courses will work for you if you are looking for a fully tutor supported horticulture or garden course that is not a huge commitment, that doesn’t cost you the earth but will still get you thinking and learning and most importantly get you result you want.  Many students do a single subject as a stepping stone to a bigger thing, or find its enough to help start their enterprise, make their garden grow, or gain a job in horticulture.  

Who are the tutors?

You will get a real tutor who provides you with personalised support and feedback.  No tick and flick.  Learn with real tutors who will be there for you every step of the way.  When you enroll will receive a welcome email from your tutor.  You are free to email them for help or guidance as much as you need to.  We employ tutors who are active in their field so the support is by email.

  • Barbara Tremain  BSc. (Hons) Horticulture, RHS Adv. Cert,. RHS General, City & Guilds Garden Design, Permaculture Level 3 (UK)
  • Karen Huntley MSc Marketing Mgt (Food Related Industries), PDC, PG Dip Organic Farming, Cert Marketing, BA. Professional Development Diploma in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture (Coventry University/Thrive, UK)

Do I need to know about gardening and plants before i start?

No, our garden and horticulture certificate courses assume no prior knowledge and are designed as a practical guide to help you learn.

What sort of support do I get?

All our courses come with unlimited experienced and expert tutor support via email.  We only employ tutors who are current in their field which means they are not sitting around our office waiting for phone calls!  We find email works best, if there is a problem that can’t be resolved give us a call on 07 5536 8783 or email our student support desk.

What is the course duration?

Generally the courses should take you about 100 hours of study.  We give you up to 12 months to complete the course, but you can finish faster.  Each lesson has a written assignment for you will receive individual feedback from your tutor.  There are also self assessment quizzes for each lesson (non assessable).  The strength of our courses is in that each lesson has an assignment, this means you are forced to engage with the content and can’t just skip over an important lesson.  By the end of the course you have really engaged and that equals learning!  

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