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Become a hotel or resort manager. Sale!

Imagine working in an industry with the prospect of no job shortages! Imagine having a job that can take you around the world with the opportunity to work in any country with the skills that you can transfer to any venue, hotel, motel, resort or accommodation house. Hotel Managers can take advantage of financial incentives offered by various chains such as living onsite, having meals included and transfer costs covered. You can learn a foundation in theoretical disciplines of commerce, management, hospitality, tourism logistics and the supply chain.

Online nutrition course. Sale!

Get a strong foundation in human nutrition basics with this online nutrition course This self paced online nutrition course will be your first step toward an in deep understanding of human nutrition. This course is highly recommended for any one wanting an introduction to the field of human nutrition either to go on and do […]

Human Nutrition B Online Course Sale!

This course provides an understanding of the sources, actions, and interactions of nutrients from the food that we consume.  Looking at the interaction of the nutrients in foods and what makes up a balanced diet. Excellent for anyone interested in nutrition and health for themselves, for work or to help or counsel others. Course Aims: Determine appropriate […]

Human Nutrition C Online Course Sale!

Understand the chemistry of food and the effects of food additives Very few people can maintain a good state of health without being aware of the effects of bad nutrition and food additives such as artificial flavours and colouring In this course you will explore the methods to balance a diet, the things and combinations […]

Park Management A (Introduction) Online Course

If your dream is to work outdoors with nature or animals; this course is best for you. Get the skills you need in order to make right decisions, big and small. Appropriate for anyone working with or want to work with, national parks, wilderness parks or wildlife parks. Park Management I provides you with practical […]

Park Management B Online Course

This course builds on Park Management A, but could be taken as a stand alone course.  Park Management B focuses more on managing the various aspects of parks such as visitor supervision and monitoring, trail management, risk management and safety issues and the marketing of commercial operations. Other courses that would be useful in this career […]

Learn to manage a restaurant. Sale!

Learn the skills to be a successful restaurant entrepreneur. Whether you work in someone else’s restaurant or your own, discover the secrets to managing a restaurant to be profitable and successful. ENROLL NOW and get an extra 6 months’ access and FREE printed notes with the course! To be a successful restaurant manager you must […]

Tourism A (Introduction) Online Course Sale!

The course is designed to develop your skills in Tourism Planning and Management. The tourism industry covers the wide range of services used by people when travelling, including booking services, transport, accommodation, tourist retail outlets and attractions, recreational and sporting persuits, adventure tourism, charter boats and cruise-ships and hotel, motel, lodge and hostel service and management. […]

Tourism B (Special Interest Tourism) Online Course Sale!

Moving on from the course Tourism I, the student will learn more specialised approaches to the development, marketing and delivery of tourism projects and the importance of quality service and safety. You will learn how to package a tour, even under the difficult conditions imposed by special interests and extreme sports, geography or climate [possibly all […]

Wedding Photography Online Course Sale!

A complete course for those with established photographic skills who are looking to take the next step and work for themselves as a Wedding Photographer. This course examines topics such as logistics and planning, photography skills, equipment necessary, styles, composition and posing, dealing with factors such as the weather, post production and establishing your own […]

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