1. Go to the page of your choice of courses by browsing through the Course Category

Or by typing the course title in the Search Box


2. Once you are on the course page, select your preferred payment plan via the drop down list


Tick the Printed Notes option if you want to order a set of course notes, leave it unmarked if printed notes are unnecessary [they are the same as the online resource files]


NEXT: Click on the ENROL NOW button.


3. You shall then be directed to the Checkout page


4. Fill in your details and select your preferred payment method . Note that a PayPal account is not necessary, if you don’t have one, just ignore the PayPal directions and go straight to; PAY WITH A CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD




1: If you don’t have a credit card, or don’t want to use one and prefer Bank to Bank Funds transfer,bank direct deposit, payment by cheque, or if you have difficulties accessing our site, contact us at or phone us during business hours on 1300 172 882 or +617 55368783, or alternatively use the live chat on the website and will assist you with bank details or answer any other queries you may have.

2: If you are arranging payment via a third party, [Employer, Job Network Provider, Gift etc.] and Require an Invoice in advance, please contact us and we will send one out straight away.

3: Once we receive a confirmation of your payment, your enrolment shall then be processed within the day, probably within a couple of hours, [if payment is done during business hours, if not,  on the next working day].

4: Finally, an email containing your log in details as well as a copy of the Student Manual and CLC Terms and Conditions shall be emailed to you and you may commence your studies immediately.

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