Online Agriculture Courses

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Online Agriculture Courses

✓ Self-Paced

✓ Flexible Study Schedule

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Agriculture Course Certificates for Adult Leaners

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Mushroom Production Online Course Sale!

There are many different types of mushrooms. To understand the culture of one gives you a head start to understanding others. In this 100-hour course, you will focus on the most widely cultivated mushroom (ie. Agaricus). This course is suitable for: anyone interested in growing mushrooms self sufficiency growers commercial mushroom producers This online course […]

Nut Production (Temperate) Online Course Sale!

Learn to identify and grow a wide range of edible nuts Learn from professional university trained horticulturists with decades of industry experience Build networks within industry and discover opportunities for commercial production or self sufficiency With increased pressure on food supply & the environment, opportunities for food production experts are set to expand in the future -Now is […]

Nut Production (Warm Climates) Online Course Sale!

For most people, a nut is a type of food and a delightful food at that! Strictly speaking, not all nuts are edible; but this course is only concerned with edible nuts and in particular, the ones that are grown more extensively around the world in warm climates. The tropical nut trees are dependent on your locality […]

Organic Farming Online Course Sale!

What is Organic Farming?  Organic farming is an agricultural method that reduces or elimiates reliance on the use of chemicals.  Specifically it relies on techniques such as crop rotations, composting, soil improvement, green manuring and pest control strategies. Organic produce is increasing in popularity due to concerns of chemical residues on food for consumption and […]

Learn to grow herbs online. Sale!

Minimize pest problems, and creating productive farms and healthy gardens without relying upon artificial chemicals – all that takes knowledge, and sometimes a little more hard work. Through this course you can lay a foundation in the skills needed to be an effective organic gardener or farmer. Course Aims: Explain the concepts and principles of […]

Outdoor plant production - market gardening. Sale!

CROP GROWING COURSE – NUTS, FRUITS, BERRIES, HERBS, VEGETABLES & CUT FLOWERS LEARN TO GROW CROPS SUCCESSFULLY OUTDOORS. Gain skills and knowledge necessary to grow and sell many different crops. Study in your time and at your own pace. This course provides a thorough knowledge framework in outdoor production of common crops. Learn about site […]

cows at pasture Sale!

Pasture management is at the heart of any livestock management. Good pasture not only reduces feed costs and increases profitability and increases productive land but also maintains livestock health by avoidance of toxic plants. Pasture management is relevant for all pastoral animals including cattle, goats, sheep and horses. This course is suitable for both those […]

Permaculture A (Introduction) Online Course Sale!

An Introduction to Permaculture. Course Aims: Discuss the nature and scope of Permaculture. Apply an understanding of environmental systems to considerations given to how a Permaculture system is designed. Describe soils and the impact their characteristics have upon natural and man made environments. Explain the application of this knowledge to Permaculture. Describe characteristics of climate […]

Permaculture Systems Online Course Sale!

Permaculture is a design philiosophy that enables sustainable living.  The word Permaculture was coined by Bill Mollison & Dave Holmgren in the 1970’s.  It is an abbreviation of the works “Permanent Agriculture”. Permaculture holds three central tennants: Care of the Earth Care of People Return of any surplus A permaculture system is a unique landscape […]


Learn the care and management of pigs with this online pig care course. In this course, you will gain skills and knowledge in: breeding and selection nutrition and feed pig diseases boar management sow and litter management and much more. This course is suitable for students looking to learn commerical pig management as well as […]


Why Study Agriculture?

Agriculture is one of Australia’s biggest industries and one the whole world depends upon. Agriculture can be defined as the husbandry or cultivation of animals, plants or fungi to enhance or sustain human life and it has played a key part in Australian history and development. Careerline Courses offers a wide range of agriculture courses online, including Sustainable Agriculture, Agriculture Marketing, Agronomy, Animal Husbandry courses (including cattle, sheep, goats, poultry and more), Farm Management and a huge range of cropping courses from Aquaculture and Berries through to Viticulture and more.

Who are these online agriculture courses courses for?

These courses will work for you if you are looking for a fully tutor supported agriculture course that is not a huge commitment, that doesn’t cost you the earth but will still get you thinking and learning and most importantly get you the result you want.  Many students do a single subject as a stepping stone to a bigger thing, or find its enough to help improve their yields, have better animal husbandry or improved farm management.

Do I have to know much about agriculture before I start?

No, our agriculture certificate courses assume no prior knowledge and are designed as a practical guide to help you learn.


What Support will I Receive?

All our online agriculture courses come with unlimited experienced and expert tutor support via email.  We only employ tutors who are current in their field which means they are not sitting around our office waiting for phone calls!  We find email works best, if there is a problem that can’t be resolved give us a call on 07 5536 8783 or email our student support desk.

You will get a real tutor who provides you with personalised support and feedback. No tick and flick. Learn with real tutors who will be there for you every step of the way. When you enroll will receive a welcome email from your tutor. You are free to email them for help or guidance as much as you need to. We employ tutors who are active in their field so the support is by email.

What is the course duration?

Generally the courses should take you about 100 hours of study.  We give you up to 12 months to complete the course, but you can finish faster.  Each lesson has a written assignment for you will receive individual feedback from your tutor.  There are also self assessment quizzes for each lesson (non assessable).  The strength of our courses is in that each lesson has an assignment, this means you are forced to engage with the content and can’t just skip over an important lesson.  By the end of the course you have really engaged and that equals learning!