Online Agriculture Courses

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Online Agriculture Courses

✓ Self-Paced

✓ Flexible Study Schedule

✓ Affordable

Agriculture Course Certificates for Adult Leaners

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Self Sufficiency Online Course - Home Preserves, Cheeses and more. Sale!

Study the practical skills to get independence by growing and harvesting and preserving your own foods. Course Aims: Explain the importance of good diet and nutrition to good health Discuss the potential for increasing self sufficiency by growing your own food in a kitchen garden. Describe the potential and appropriate procedures for vegetable growing in […]

Sheep Online Course Sale!

Selection and breeding of sheep Improving Nutrition Sheep health Management of the commercial flock Wool Lamb and much more. Learn about the following issues and much more: There are fewer marketing problems associated with wool of good-high quality. Pure mutton breeds require less management than pure wool breeds. The lamb market is strong in many […]

Soil Management Agriculture Online Course Sale!

Soils are at the basis of all agriculture, particularly in Australia where soils are generally poor.  Improving your soil quality is essential for better crop and pasture production. This course will help understand the processes required to improve soil condition and fertility. Highly recommended for anyone working with pasture and crops.    In this course […]

Soil Management (Crops) Online Course Sale!

Good soil conditions are critical to the healthy growth of most plants. Over eight lessons this course will develop an understanding of physical & chemical properties of soils, the ability to carry out simple tests and determine soil characteristics, and to decide ways of treating a soil to improve its ability to grow plants. The […]

Soil Management (Horticulture) Online Course Sale!

Good soil conditions are critical to the healthy growth of most plants. Nutrient levels, pH, salinity, depth, texture (properties of sand and clay), structure (form and arrangement), porosity (air space), consistence (the ability of soil to withstand rupture) and even colour can affect plant growth independently or interdependently. Over eight lessons this course will develop […]


Make your farm more sustainable, economically and environmentally sustainable. Discover new ways to improve farm sustainability Improve your career prospects in the agriculture industry; as a farmer, farm worker, consultant, teacher or working in a farm supply or service business Sustainability in Agriculture has become increasingly important over recent times. It is no longer sufficient […]

Tropical Fruit Production Online Course Sale!

Learn  about warm climate fruit production. Study in your own time and at your own pace. Work with highly experienced and qualified tutors. A similar course to temperate climate fruit production, but adapted to cover tropical and sub-tropical conditions. The course includes sections on Avocados, Pineapples, Macadamias, Papaya [paw paw] and Cashews. There are many […]

Viticulture Course Online Sale!

Study Viticulture Courses Online Careerline Course’s viticulture course is suitable for vineyard workers, vineyard managers and wine growers. Hobby farmers will get all the starting information they need to begin in the industry and enthusiastic amateur wine makers will find this course invaluable. As a starting point for people changing careers and wishing to pursue […]

Weed Control Online Course Sale!

Learn to identify and employ different methods of weed control Understand weed control. Develop your knowledge of weed control methods. Taught by horticulture experts. Study in your own time at your own pace. This course provides valuable learning for land managers, farmers, gardeners, orchardists, market gardeners, landscapers, spray contractors, nurserymen or anyone else concerned with the […]


Why Study Agriculture?

Agriculture is one of Australia’s biggest industries and one the whole world depends upon. Agriculture can be defined as the husbandry or cultivation of animals, plants or fungi to enhance or sustain human life and it has played a key part in Australian history and development. Careerline Courses offers a wide range of agriculture courses online, including Sustainable Agriculture, Agriculture Marketing, Agronomy, Animal Husbandry courses (including cattle, sheep, goats, poultry and more), Farm Management and a huge range of cropping courses from Aquaculture and Berries through to Viticulture and more.

Who are these online agriculture courses courses for?

These courses will work for you if you are looking for a fully tutor supported agriculture course that is not a huge commitment, that doesn’t cost you the earth but will still get you thinking and learning and most importantly get you the result you want.  Many students do a single subject as a stepping stone to a bigger thing, or find its enough to help improve their yields, have better animal husbandry or improved farm management.

Do I have to know much about agriculture before I start?

No, our agriculture certificate courses assume no prior knowledge and are designed as a practical guide to help you learn.


What Support will I Receive?

All our online agriculture courses come with unlimited experienced and expert tutor support via email.  We only employ tutors who are current in their field which means they are not sitting around our office waiting for phone calls!  We find email works best, if there is a problem that can’t be resolved give us a call on 07 5536 8783 or email our student support desk.

You will get a real tutor who provides you with personalised support and feedback. No tick and flick. Learn with real tutors who will be there for you every step of the way. When you enroll will receive a welcome email from your tutor. You are free to email them for help or guidance as much as you need to. We employ tutors who are active in their field so the support is by email.

What is the course duration?

Generally the courses should take you about 100 hours of study.  We give you up to 12 months to complete the course, but you can finish faster.  Each lesson has a written assignment for you will receive individual feedback from your tutor.  There are also self assessment quizzes for each lesson (non assessable).  The strength of our courses is in that each lesson has an assignment, this means you are forced to engage with the content and can’t just skip over an important lesson.  By the end of the course you have really engaged and that equals learning!