Welcome to our Science category. Here, we offer a huge range of science courses online, ranging from general science courses through to biochemistry, environmental and human sciences.

Biochemistry Courses

Students can choose between two introductory biochemistry courses with a focus on either plant or animal biochemistry. Biochemistry B examines molecules in relation to both plants and animals. Biochemistry C courses (plant biochemistry or animal biochemistry) examine biochemical pathways.

All biochemistry modules are offered in both the Adv. Certificate in Biochemistry (Plants or Animals stream) with a range of suitable electives, including cell biology, genetics, animal breeding, plant breeding, tissue culture and botany.

General Science Courses

Our range of science courses online includes alternative energy, human anatomy and physiology, genetics, earth science, statistics and more. All our general science courses are 100-hours long and are self-paced. They are offered online with flexible study, and unlimited tutor support by our qualified professional tutors.

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