Writing and Journalism

Nearly everyone uses their writing skills in everyday life. Nonetheless, even if you don’t like writing, chances are with Careerline’s awesome tutor support and wide array of courses, you’ll probably begin to love it.

Careerline’s range of 100-hour online writing courses offers something for everyone. Our range extends from photojournalism to creative writing courses to editing, fiction writing, publishing and more.

We offer full tutor support by email, so you’re never alone with your studies.

Your Tutors:

Robert N. Stephenson

Robert N. Stephenson is a published author of 5 books and the publisher of 25 books for other authors through his publishing imprint. Over his career thus far, he has had over 100 short stories published in 10 countries and a number of languages.

Lucinda Gibson-House
Lucinda brings to Careerline great experience and expertise in Writing. She has been writing since she was a teenager. She is a professional English and Writing teacher, having taught for 26 years. She teaches Writing for Publication, Creative Writing and Literacy and much more.

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