Identifying and Combating Fake News (Short Course)

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Fake news has always been around. But lately it seems as though it’s becoming more and more common. With the wide reach of the internet and social media, fake news can spread like wildfire. In this environment, it’s important for businesses to know how to recognize and cope with it.

With this short course on Identifying and Combatting Fake News course, understand the impacts of fake news, learn strategies to deal with it, and how to turn a potential crisis into opportunities for promotion and growth if your business becomes a victim of it.

There are 7 Lessons in this course:

1. Course Overview

    • Learning Objectives
    • Pre-Assignment
    • Pre-Course Assessment

2. Evolution of ‘The Truth’

    • The Truth
    • Pre-Assignment Review
    • Fake News Defined
    • Making Connections: Your Thoughts
    • The Media Safety Valve
    • Making Connections: Your Advisors

3. The Challenge of ‘Social’

    • What is the Purpose of the Media?
    • Making Connections: Social Communication
    • Feeding the Machine
    • Making Connections: Your Advisors

4. Life of a Target

    • Links in the Chain
    • How Fake News Spreads
    • You as a Link
    • Making Connections: Power of Persuasion
    • Understanding Your Company
    • Making Connections: Newsfeed Search
    • Forums for Your Audience
    • Making Connections: Storefront Review

5. Deconstructing Fake News

    • Deconstructing Fake News
    • Making Connections: A Fake News Encounter
    • Separating Fact from fiction
    • Making Connections: Real or Fake

6. Coping with a Crisis

    • Coping with a Crisis
    • From Crisis To Opportunity
    • Crisis Defined
    • Shrinking the Target
    • Making Connections: Reaction Time
    • Staying Clear of the Smear
    • Real Versus Fake Revisited

7. Proactive Approaches

    • Letting Social Media Serve You
    • Understanding Your Customers
    • A Closer Look at Customers Activity
    • Relationships Reviewed
    • Making Connections: A Look at Methods
    • Examining Your Ingredients
    • Making Connections: Checklist
    • Reaching Out Online
    • Making Connections: Reaching Out
    • Maintaining the Momentum
    • Your Fake News Reaction Online
    • Personal Action Plan
    • Summary

Upon completing the Short Course very last lesson, you will be offered an automated test. This final assessment can be undertaken at any time of day or night; and any day of the week; and if you achieve an overall pass (60% or more); you will be able to obtain a “certificate of completion” with your name and completion date on it.

Note: these short courses are self-guided online courses and are not to be confused with tutor-supported online courses.



Your Tutor

C.B. van der Schyff (Bronwen). M.A. Counselling Psychology cum laude (FCCOUNP), BA Honours Psych
Bronwen van der Schyff

Bronwen has over 25 years’ experience as a psychologist working in a wide variety of settings and with a diverse range of client groups who present across the lifespan. Her career started in South Africa where she worked for several years in a Neuro and Spinal unit as well as in the Wellness unit which supported various clinical presentations. Her passion for mentoring was ignited during her early career years where she facilitated neurocognitive outpatients as well as students in the disability sector, to achieve their personal goals and live a self-defined purpose-filled life despite the obstacles. She currently works and resides in Australia and continues to offer a positive approach using the strengths of her clients or students to fulfill their goals and reach their own potential.