Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Short Course)

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In some countries, supply chain and logistic activities account for up to 8.5 per cent of the country’s GDP — a huge expense for businesses and a huge market for companies that service the supply chain sector.  This Logistics and Supply Chain Management Short Course is an interactive, engaging program that covers everything from the basics to cutting-edge trends. Students will walk away from the course ready to optimize their organization’s supply chain and give them a competitive advantage in today’s fast-moving marketplace.

There are 13 Lessons in this course:

1. Course Overview

2. Getting Started

    • Defining the Terms
    • Regulations and Resources

3. The Evolution of the Supply Chain

    • Vertical Integration Model
    • Virtual Integration Model
    • What’s Next?

4. The Basic Supply Chain Structure

    • The Links in the Supply Chain
    • Making Connections
    • Participants in the Supply Chain
    • Designing Your Supply Chain
    • The Bullwhip Effect

5. Supply Chain Drivers

    • Driving Success
    • Choosing the Right Transportation Methods
    • Making Connections

6. Aligning Your Supply Chain with Business Strategy

    • Identifying Your Market
    • Making Connections
    • Looking at Your Role
    • Analyzing the Data
    • Taking the Next Steps
    • Making Connections

7. Managing Supply Chain Risks

    • Phases of Negotiation
    • Types of Negotiation

8. Tracking and Evaluating Supply Chain Data

    • Ratios and Formulas
    • What is Benchmarking?
    • The SCOR Model
    • The Balanced Scorecard
    • Supply Chain Management Dashboards
    • Making Connections

9. Troubleshooting Supply Chain Problems

    • Signs of Trouble in Your Supply Chain
    • Supply Chain Best Practices

10. Sharing Supply Chain Activities

    • Outsourcing, Insourcing, Offshoring, and Reshoring
    • Third- and Fourth-Party Logistic Providers
    • Building Partnerships within Your Supply Chain

11. Sustainable Supply Chain Strategies

    • What is Sustainability?
    • Reducing the Impact on the Environment

12. Applying Lean Techniques to the Supply Chain

    • Lean 101
    • Applying Lean to the Supply Chain

13. The Future of Supply Chain Management

    • Top Trends
    • Making Connections
    • Recommended Reading List
    • Post-Course Assessment
    • Pre- and Post-Assessment Answer Keys
    • Personal Action Plan

Upon completing the Short Course very last lesson, you will be offered an automated test. This final assessment can be undertaken at any time of day or night; and any day of the week; and if you achieve an overall pass (60% or more); you will be able to obtain a “certificate of completion” with your name and completion date on it.

Note: these short courses are self-guided online courses and are not to be confused with tutor-supported online courses.