Studying Herpetology Online

Herpetology, the Study of Reptiles and Amphibians

Many people keep snakes and lizards, as well as frogs and other amphibians, as pets,  and to know these fascinating creatures close up is a rewarding hobby. As the care and handling of most reptile and amphibian species can be somewhat difficult, a study courses such as Careerline Courses Herpetology course will set you in the right direction.

On a professional basis, there are wildlife parks, zoos  and nature reserves needing specialists in herpetology, and the interesting, and somewhat dangerous job of snake wrangler, or snake handler, removing snakes, especially venomous species, from homes and urban environments and teaching people how to interact, [or not], with snakes if they come into contact with them.

Reptiles and amphibians form a very important part of overall bio-diversity and their conservation is of utmost importance. This starts with study and research, and along these lines some interesting medical discoveries are being made, not just anti-venom for snake  bite, but processes using toxins from amphibians skin and snake venom for use as anti-coagulants in blood related problems.

Whatever your interest, hobby or professional, Careerline Courses Herpetology course, expertly tutored by experienced and hands on qualified tutors, is sure to give you the skills and information you need.  Read more about our online herpetology course here.