What do our Students Say?

We care what our students think about our services!  We think you should too.

That’s why we’ve posted pages of  real extracts from our student feedback (completed students only) for you to read.

Gregory Palmer

Improved my knowledge. Helped me to research things both for the course and for me to use at home.

Alternative Energy Graduate

Holly Pasque

I definitely found this a valuable source of learning because it enabled me be learning when I was researching for my assignments. It helped me learn and understand all about veterinary nursing, diseases, treatment, symptoms. caging requirements for animals, how to castrate a colt, etc. I found this course thoroughly enjoyable.

Holly Pasque Animal Health Care Graduate

Cassandra McGhie

It taught me how to write a management plan for animals. Do it, it is very informative and it allows you to find work in different animal related jobs.

Peter Warren

Yes and was better than I anticipated. It will assist me greatly going forward in my current role as a fertiliser sales and advisory role.

Peter Warren Agronomy Graduate

Caitylyn Beggs

I thoroughly enjoyed my course!! Found it easy to understand!

Samantha Tointon

Im really enjoying the courses. as I have said before. You dont hand feed the student information, they have to look for it themselves through other means. This I think is important as it make the student think outside the box so to speak. I cant wait to complete more courses with your team.

Jayme Linsley

I was very impressed with the structure and presentation of the course notes. They were very easy to read.

Jayme Linsley Dog Care Graduate

Chris Stephenson

it taught me a lot about my camera functions and how to take better photos once knowing those functions.

Jemma Clark

Anyone considering a career in the medical/health industry go for it even if you think you will not use it in your chosen career having the knowledge will help you understand things more.

Jemma Clark Medical Terminology Graduate

Maria-Jane Tilt

This course filled a missing gap not offered as part of the TAFE module for both the Certificates 111 in Aged Care and Home & Community Care (HACC). During my time working with Uniting Care Ageing, I found myself wanting more knowledge and understanding especially towards the process and impact of grief and loss for many of my elderly clients...I searched through several advanced educational systems for the particular area to be studied and understood. I decided using Careerline Courses being satisfied had how the modules covered a very wide area regarding the grief and loss counselling areas.

Alan Hodson

the course was valuable for expanding my interest an understanding of reptiles and amphibians and building an association with people of similar interests.

Herpetology Graduate

Jessica Granger

Yes, I learned a lot, not only about creative writing but about applying myself, about researching, etc. This course pushed me into places I wouldn't have gone myself [interviewing people, submitting articles for publication etc]. I'm now excited to carry on

Jessica Granger Creative Writing Graduate

Lauren Zambrano

It was a really good course in the sense that I felt it provided a sufficient overview of herpetological concepts. I really enjoyed the content of the lessons themselves! I also appreciate the administrative support services. Thank you.

Frances Tyson

The feedback I received from my tutor was excellent. It made me further reflect on the many aspects of grief that effect us all and it provided me with more depth of knowledge into each module presented.

Frances Tyson Grief Counselling

Kelsea Rosalie Moreton

I feel this course would be great for beginners, for those individuals who have no experience/knowledge on the outdoors, I also feel this course would be great for a younger age class, such as 15-20 yr old individuals who have an intrust in the environment.

Kelsea Rosalie Moreton Wildlife Conservation

Wesley True

The Aquarium Management course offered by Careerline Courses, is a great course to gain the insights of basic aquarium keeping, maintenance, different setups, and care of inhabitants. The tutors are a wealth of knowledge and happy to help. Recommended.

Wesley True Aquarium Management Graduate

Alexandera Biggs

it taught me a lot of aspects of cat behaviour in many different lessons.

Cat Psychology & Training Graduate

Cassandra McGhie

it gave me a better understanding of the marine environment and what measures can be put in place to save the ocean.

Suzannah Smith

Great course for anyone wanting an introductory level Xero certificate.

Sarah Toon

I found the course provided new knowledge into animal behaviour that I was unaware of and really made me able to think of the processes of animal behaviour.

Oriane Lallemand

Yes it was [valuable]. It helped me understanding the real purpose of zoos and how to achieve this purpose. I would say go ahead [and enrol], you will learn a lot and it will help you in your every day work at a zoo. I particularly liked the assignments because it helped understanding in a better way the lessons.

Oriane Lallemand Zoo Keeping Graduate

Kevin Lawrence

Definitely worthwhile.

Kevin Lawrence

..the course was a valuable learning experience as the content was so interesting.

Kristie Romeo

This course has taught me a large amount of information I will need to become employed in my chosen profession.

Kristie Romeo Animal Behaviour Graduate

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