What do our Students Say?

We care what our students think about our services!  We think you should too.

That’s why we’ve posted pages of  real extracts from our student feedback (completed students only) for you to read.

Bianca Sessions

It is a good basis to start learning about the industry. It does give you an idea of where you would like to study further and what area.

Katie Hall

the final assessment ‘Recovery Plan’ was a good challenge and i enjoyed this.

Katie Hall Wildlife Conservation Graduate

Bianca Sessions

it was very informative and I learnt a lot about the industry. Feedback and support was fantastic. The information my tutor gave me after sending off assessments, help greatly.

B. Sessions Beef Cattle Course Graduate

Dawn Long

I've always been interested in learning about animals but I didn't realise how in depth it can be. I have always been a animal lover and now I have learnt to look at animals survival in a more respectful way.Positive criticism done very well boosted my confidence in doing assignments. I really enjoyed doing this course I want to do other courses in the future and I will definitely be doing them through Careerline Courses. To someone thinking about enrolling in this course, Go for it.

Andrea Raddatz

It was a really wonderful experience for me - I have been interested in the subject all my life - but migrating to Australia 25 years ago, raising a family and working did not give me a chance - now that I am retired I can enjoy learning about this topic - keeps my old brain challenged - i consider going on.....

Andrea Raddatz Earth Science Graduate

Bev Christ

The course was very straight forward and easy to follow. I was so nervous about resuming study after such a long time and was reassured that the course was easy begin. Having the option of online or correspondence was great!

Sylvia Condon

I had not studied online & found it much easier than traveling to a class. I was able to do it in my own time, which allowed me to cry & deal with issues which arose during the course.

Sylvia Condon Grief Counselling Graduate

Chris Stephenson

it taught me a lot about my camera functions and how to take better photos once knowing those functions.

Amanda Willis

It was valuable and I'm glad I did it, though I think you constantly have to practice the steps to get anywhere with your own dogs or others in a training environment. The feedback are helpful. I felt they summed up all the points & let me know if I hadn't covered any points, e.g. what else there was to the topic.

Amanda Willis Dog Psychology & Training Graduate

Frances Tyson

The feedback I received from my tutor was excellent. It made me further reflect on the many aspects of grief that effect us all and it provided me with more depth of knowledge into each module presented.

Frances Tyson Grief Counselling

Wesley Adam True

Do it. Nothing to lose. A wealth of knowledge and qualifications to gain

Leilani Dallin

Yes. I now feel that I have a much clearer understanding of the structure and content of an EIS and I am more confident in my ability to read and write theses documents.

Wesley True

The course most definitely is a valuable learning experience for me. I went into this course, unsure of myself, but leave the course finished and feeling accomplished. It met my expectations. A very valuable learning experience with a wide range of topics covered. The tutors for this course are very knowledgeable within this field and provide great insight into not only the topics presented but also within the field itself. The tutors for this course are very knowledgeable within this field and provide great insight into not only the topics presented but also within the field itself.

Jenny Kalf

I currently work in the aged care industry and often have to deal with clients who have lost a loved one or ill. This course has given me some insight on how to deal with these situations better.

Jenny Kalf Aged Care Counselling Graduate

Nicua Smit

I have gained a lot of information that will help me later in life.

Amy Harris

It really was. It taught me a lot of things that I would never have even thought about in relation to cat phycology. I know understand a lot more than I ever thought possible

Amy Harris Cat Psychology & Training Graduate

Elizabeth James

Although I was aware of some of the processes of counselling it was very useful to go through them formally. The feedback from my tutor was very helpful too in identifying some of the potential pitfalls when counselling.

Peter Warren

... was better than I anticipated. It will assist me greatly going forward in my current role as a fertiliser sales and advisory role.

Peter Warren Agronomy Graduate

Grant Alera

The course was not only educational, but pulled together all the components in the final assignment to make it applicable to the real world workforce.

Grant Alera Agronomy Graduate

Dijana Kukeska

Go for it! It’s very challenging, but you will be so proud with your efforts I’m sure. Tutors and admin staff are also able to assist whenever you need them!

Christina Bilardi

... the help was fantastic and feedback was very helpful.

Christina Bilardi Animal Health Care Graduate

Cassandra McGhie

The course exceeded my expectations.

Juliette Hedges

Go for it. This is a great way to learn and not leave the house. My tutor has been very supportive and only given constructive feedback.

Juliette Hedges Psychopharmacology Graduate

Lauren Zambrano

It was a really good course in the sense that I felt it provided a sufficient overview of herpetological concepts. I really enjoyed the content of the lessons themselves! I also appreciate the administrative support services. Thank you.

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