What do our Students Say?

We care what our students think about our services!  We think you should too.

That’s why we’ve posted pages of  real extracts from our student feedback (completed students only) for you to read.

Cassandra McGhie

it gave me a better understanding of the marine environment and what measures can be put in place to save the ocean.

Michelle Isbister

If you have an interest or love for dogs then it's a perfect course. It provides a great building block if you wish to maybe progress to other courses in animal care, whilst giving you the ability to structure your study around your lifestyle. It's certainly changed the way I interact with dogs especially now I have more of an understanding of why they do the things they do, signs and symptoms of illnesses along with causes, anatomy and job industries dealing with dogs. It wasn't a chore to study but thoroughly interesting and enjoyable.

Michelle Isbister Dog Care

Kevin Lawrence

I found the structure and processes of the course suited me well. I felt I gained a lot of knowledge from it.

Sue Ellen O’Farrell

I think that this course is a good starting point for anyone considering going into the dog care industry.

Sue Ellen O'Farrell Dog Care Graduate

Pamela Wayman

Yes It will help me in my job . It was all a challenge but very rewarding made you think

P. Wayman Child Psychology Graduate

Tiffany Clare

I completed this course as an aid to help me to get into University in an environmental field. This course gave me an insight into what I would be learning and helped me to realise this type of field is definitely where I want to be working in the future.

Diana Lester

It expanded my knowledge base, I had no idea that marine biology was as diverse or involved as this showed me. It made me want to learn more and go further with qualifications etc. Go for it! Ask questions, don't stress about the time limits, and if unsure of what is actually being asked for then ask.

Elly Harris

It is very flexible in delivery and study and provides a good base understanding of the essential elements of anatomy and physiology, providing the tools for further research in the subject.

Anatomy & Physiology A Graduate

Bree-Anna Hennighan

It was a valuable learning experience for me as there were some things that I didn't know about when taking care of pets and other types of animals.

Bree-Anna Hennighan Pet Care Graduate

Kevin Lawrence

Definitely worthwhile.

Chris Stephenson

More than met my expectations because the lessons were research based and comprehensive in its the coverage of the topics for digital photography.

Anna Sforzin

I thoroughly enjoyed your course and I will highly recommend it to others. I am looking forward to receiving my Certificate, and then after a few weeks break, I will look at enroling into another course run by your company. Thank you for your assistance.

Anna Sforzin Crisis Counselling

Gary Campbell

For a short course in Viticulture you get a lot exposure to a wide range of topics. You are forced to get out to Vineyards to gain understanding. The assignments require at least 10 hours of study each requiring a lot of personal research as the course material only provides a summary of information. This enhances learning.

Gary Campbell Viticulture Graduate

Emmanuella Jurkovic

It most definitely [met my expectations]. Given how cheap the course was in comparison to other places, I was quite pleased. What made this learning method more enjoyable was the contact and support I had from my teacher Jeanine.

John Andrews

I was so impressed I am going to do another course and maybe more after that!

John Andrews Marine Biology A

Daniel Marshall

I had a small knowledge on this subject but this definitely broadened my knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed my study and the course was set out well and I will be looking into doing another course with Careerline. Definitely enroll, there is lots to learn and an easy go at your own pace learning.

Daniel Marshall Herpetology Graduate

Karen Jan Thorneycroft

The course was well presented, easy to access and provided all the subjects so that participants can work at their own pace. If you are looking for an introductory course into psychology, this is the perfect course!!

K J Thorneycroft Abnormal Psychology Graduate

Holly Pasque

I would definitely encourage anyone to enrol in this course, for me I have learnt so much, that I could never have learned on the internet or in books.

Animal Health Care Graduate

E. Hargrave

Not only did it meet my expectations, but it exceeded them it was fun.

E. Hargrave Counselling Skills Graduate

Mariko Okui


M. Okui Child Psychology Graduate

Cassandra McGhie

Absolutely go for it, tutors are very supportive and give excellent feedback that will help you understand the assignments.

Cassandra McGhie Animal Behaviour Graduate

Alexandera Biggs

the accuracy of the information was excellent. It covered all the main orders of birds in different lessons so i could focus on one order per lesson instead of being confused with the all at once.

Alexandera Biggs Ornithology Graduate

Michael Jackson

As someone who knew nothing about the topic the course was a great introduction and I feel confident enough to try growing. It is a great introductory course with good practical assignments that enables you to propagate and grow the plants and make products. The course covered principal aspects of growing, and in particular how important it is to distinguish between the species.

Felicia Simone Verkerk

Take the plunge! You will never know if you are really interested in something before giving it a go!! Don't hesitate, the courses are set out in an easy to follow, informative and interesting format with great tutor support.

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