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Cassandra McGhie

it informed me on practical ways to conserve a habitat and protect an endangered species.

Wesley True

The Aquarium Management course offered by Careerline Courses, is a great course to gain the insights of basic aquarium keeping, maintenance, different setups, and care of inhabitants. The tutors are a wealth of knowledge and happy to help. Recommended.

Wesley True Aquarium Management Graduate

Waleska Roman

The course was definitely valuable learning providing me with sufficient relevant and easy to understand examples that i can implement in the work to do with children

Lynn Dempster

Yes it was very valuable and helped with understand the many different ways in which we develop and some of the challenges that can effect or influence these developments.

Lynn Dempster Developmental Psychology Graduate

Kristie Romeo

This course has taught me a large amount of information I will need to become employed in my chosen profession.

Kristie Romeo Animal Behaviour Graduate

Holly Pasque

I definitely found this a valuable source of learning because it enabled me be learning when I was researching for my assignments. It helped me learn and understand all about veterinary nursing, diseases, treatment, symptoms. caging requirements for animals, how to castrate a colt, etc. I found this course thoroughly enjoyable.

Holly Pasque Animal Health Care Graduate

Kelsea Rosalie Moreton

I feel this course would be great for beginners, for those individuals who have no experience/knowledge on the outdoors, I also feel this course would be great for a younger age class, such as 15-20 yr old individuals who have an intrust in the environment.

Kelsea Rosalie Moreton Wildlife Conservation

Katie Attwood

I learnt a great deal in regards to Horses and their behavior. It suited my timetable, as I could do it all online.

Erica Ferreira Guido

Just do it! For me suit perfect, because I wanted learn something, but I don't have time to go for a regular school. Start is always hard, but everybody can do it!

Erica Ferreira Guido Business Studies Graduate

Dawn Long

I've always been interested in learning about animals but I didn't realise how in depth it can be. I have always been a animal lover and now I have learnt to look at animals survival in a more respectful way.Positive criticism done very well boosted my confidence in doing assignments. I really enjoyed doing this course I want to do other courses in the future and I will definitely be doing them through Careerline Courses. To someone thinking about enrolling in this course, Go for it.

Elizabeth Pidoto

just thanks, I enjoyed it and looking forward to using what I have learnt.

Elizabeth Pidoto Cat Psychology & Training Graduate

Cassandra McGhie

it gave me a better understanding of the marine environment and what measures can be put in place to save the ocean.

Kevin Lawrence

Definitely worthwhile.

Jessica Granger

Yes, I learned a lot, not only about creative writing but about applying myself, about researching, etc. This course pushed me into places I wouldn't have gone myself [interviewing people, submitting articles for publication etc]. I'm now excited to carry on

Jessica Granger Creative Writing Graduate

Alan Hodson

the course was valuable for expanding my interest an understanding of reptiles and amphibians and building an association with people of similar interests.

Herpetology Graduate

Jemma Clark

Anyone considering a career in the medical/health industry go for it even if you think you will not use it in your chosen career having the knowledge will help you understand things more.

Jemma Clark Medical Terminology Graduate

Sarah Toon

Highly recommend the course, it's well structured, support is excellent and a course that can be enjoyed.

Sarah Toon Animal Behaviour Graduate

Elly Harris

It is very flexible in delivery and study and provides a good base understanding of the essential elements of anatomy and physiology, providing the tools for further research in the subject.

Anatomy & Physiology A Graduate

Rosemary Sims

Extremely valuable course carrying on from previous lessons (Counselling Skills A)

Alexandera Biggs

the accuracy of the information was excellent. It covered all the main orders of birds in different lessons so i could focus on one order per lesson instead of being confused with the all at once.

Alexandera Biggs Ornithology Graduate

Elizabeth Muriel Lawrence

The course exceeded my expectations. The course challenged me to consider the application of ethics.

Samantha Tointon

i love my chickens, so it was a valuable lesson in finding out more about how there body actually works

Samantha Tointon Poultry Graduate

Miranda Good

The course was very valuable learning experience and I learnt a lot. The course material contained the basics but then in order to complete the assignments a lot of extra reading and research was done which helped to broaden my understanding.  it allowed me to complete it at my own pace. I had to extend a few times as life is busy with working and a young family.  I really liked the course and would recommend it to others . A big thank you to Barbara Tremain for the feedback and grading my assignments over the last couple of years. 

M. Good Viticulture Course Graduate

E. Hargrave

Not only did it meet my expectations, but it exceeded them it was fun.

E. Hargrave Counselling Skills Graduate

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