What do our Students Say?

We care what our students think about our services!  We think you should too.

That’s why we’ve posted pages of  real extracts from our student feedback (completed students only) for you to read.

Cassandra McGhie

it informed me on practical ways to conserve a habitat and protect an endangered species.

Sarah Toon

Highly recommend the course, it's well structured, support is excellent and a course that can be enjoyed.

Sarah Toon Animal Behaviour Graduate

Rebecca Lyon

I was really happy with the course, it was reasonably priced and pretty straight forward. In the most part, I found the first two lessons the best as I want to be a vet and specialise in equine health. But even the last two lessons as I eventually want to open my own clinic so the management side was good as well.

Rebecca Lyon Horse Care C

Daniel Marshall

I had a small knowledge on this subject but this definitely broadened my knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed my study and the course was set out well and I will be looking into doing another course with Careerline. Definitely enroll, there is lots to learn and an easy go at your own pace learning.

Daniel Marshall Herpetology Graduate

Kelsea Rosalie Moreton

I feel this course would be great for beginners, for those individuals who have no experience/knowledge on the outdoors, I also feel this course would be great for a younger age class, such as 15-20 yr old individuals who have an intrust in the environment.

Julie Landau

The course is a great introduction into veterinary science. A good stepping stone into further education in this field.

Julie Landau Animal Health Care Graduate

Gary Nothdurft

It's a great way to expand your knowledge and give you a feel in the topic you have selected, and from there you can move on to other courses or then move onto higher learning such as Tafe or University.

Neil Hitchcock

My tutor was excellent and I picked up really good support and feedback from her. Her comments/guidance was an important part of the learning process…Really enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it.

Neil Hitchcock Eucalypts Graduate

Wesley Adam True

The range of topics and the assignment questions provide not only a method to ensuring students review a range of resources but also ensure that a number of aspects in marine biology are engaged with.

Peter Warren

Yes and was better than I anticipated. It will assist me greatly going forward in my current role as a fertiliser sales and advisory role.

Peter Warren Agronomy Graduate

Jennifer He

I would highly recommend this course to my colleagues and friends. It's a very valuable course in terms of writing techniques, specific comments from the tutor and excellent services and supports.

Jennifer He Efficient Writing Graduate

Cassandra McGhie

it gave me a better understanding of the marine environment and what measures can be put in place to save the ocean.

Karan Mittal

Yes, that [the course] is valuable, because by doing the assignments we know that exactly what is the food and beverage management.

Gary Campbell

For a short course in Viticulture you get a lot exposure to a wide range of topics. You are forced to get out to Vineyards to gain understanding. The assignments require at least 10 hours of study each requiring a lot of personal research as the course material only provides a summary of information. This enhances learning.

Gary Campbell Viticulture Graduate

Emmanuella Jurkovic

It most definitely [met my expectations]. Given how cheap the course was in comparison to other places, I was quite pleased. What made this learning method more enjoyable was the contact and support I had from my teacher Jeanine.

Frances Tyson

The feedback I received from my tutor was excellent. It made me further reflect on the many aspects of grief that effect us all and it provided me with more depth of knowledge into each module presented.

Frances Tyson Grief Counselling

Amy Harris

It really was. It taught me a lot of things that I would never have even thought about in relation to cat phycology. I know understand a lot more than I ever thought possible

Amy Harris Cat Psychology & Training Graduate

Oriane Lallemand

Yes it was [valuable]. It helped me understanding the real purpose of zoos and how to achieve this purpose. I would say go ahead [and enrol], you will learn a lot and it will help you in your every day work at a zoo. I particularly liked the assignments because it helped understanding in a better way the lessons.

Oriane Lallemand Zoo Keeping Graduate

Katie Attwood

I learnt a great deal in regards to Horses and their behavior. It suited my timetable, as I could do it all online.

Rebecca Seychell

Would like to thank Careerline Courses for giving people like me the opportunity to study online when you have a busy life and can't attain uni or TAFE. I needed some extra time to finish my studies over the due date and was able to with no questions asked. Also had a wonderful tutor who helped me along the way and answered all my questions via email when my tutor had the time, I just wanna say thank you been a wonderful experience.

Elizabeth James

Although I was aware of some of the processes of counselling it was very useful to go through them formally. The feedback from my tutor was very helpful too in identifying some of the potential pitfalls when counselling.

Lilian Nasta

Yes, [it was valuable] because i have learnt new knowledge and gained more information on sport nutrition and how the body responds to and develops from nutrition, particularly in sports.

Lilian Nasta Sports Nutrition Graduate

Bianca Sessions

It is a good basis to start learning about the industry. It does give you an idea of where you would like to study further and what area.

Susan Voice

It was a great course to begin with, after not having studied for 30 years. For the most part the course was easy to understand and follow.

Susan Voice Natural Animal Health Care Graduate

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