What do our Students Say?

We care what our students think about our services!  We think you should too.

That’s why we’ve posted pages of  real extracts from our student feedback (completed students only) for you to read.

Nicua Smit

I had the opportunity to understand aspects of animal make-up and farming aspects that I had not thought of before…, had a fantastic tutor. Really took time to answer and reply to my questions and explained things reall ywell…It has been a great experience so far.

Renee Briffa

It is quite a unique course as not many institutions are offering studies specific to waste management at the moment. It gave me a great overview of this area.

Renee Briffa Environmental Waste Management Graduate

Cassandra McGhie

Yes it was very valuable for me, because I learnt a lot of new things that I didn't learn before. The set tasks were a great way for me to broaden my knowledge.

Sarah Cassy Cormick

I loved the whole course and all the assignments I learnt so much

Wesley Adam True

Do it. Nothing to lose. A wealth of knowledge and qualifications to gain

Karan Mittal

Yes, that [the course] is valuable, because by doing the assignments we know that exactly what is the food and beverage management.

Caitylyn Beggs

I thoroughly enjoyed my course!! Found it easy to understand!

Waleska Roman

The course was definitely valuable learning providing me with sufficient relevant and easy to understand examples that i can implement in the work o do with children ... absolutely my tutor ensured to provide me with great feedback when marking my work providing further knowledge where needed to enhance my understanding of the material.  

W. Roman Child Psychology Graduate

Jasmine Caruana

You learn so much and its such a great course to enroll in if your interested in animals.

Jasmine Caruana Zoo Keeping Graduate

Frances Tyson

The feedback I received from my tutor was excellent. It made me further reflect on the many aspects of grief that effect us all and it provided me with more depth of knowledge into each module presented.

Frances Tyson Grief Counselling

Kevin Lawrence

Definitely worthwhile.

Chantal Doualle

[The course] made me consider aspects and other things that affect the beef cattle operation which I hadn't considered or even thought about before.  Karin's feedback showed me where I did well and where my answers where lacking. When I have time I will review her feedback and my answers. (I have copies of her feedback downloaded). I am very happy with the course. 

C. Doualle Beef Cattle Course Graduate

Erin Hodgkinson

Definitely enroll, I felt very confident in my studies.

Susan Voice

It was a great course to begin with, after not having studied for 30 years. For the most part the course was easy to understand and follow.

Susan Voice Natural Animal Health Care Graduate

Sue Ellen O’Farrell

I think that this course is a good starting point for anyone considering going into the dog care industry.

Sue Ellen O'Farrell Dog Care Graduate

Lana Piercy

Yes, definitely [it's a valuable experience]. I had no idea how to go about writing a story before the course, now I have a better idea of what is involved, and a bit more experience.

Lana Piercy Writing Graduate

Felicia Simone Verkerk

Take the plunge! You will never know if you are really interested in something before giving it a go!! Don't hesitate, the courses are set out in an easy to follow, informative and interesting format with great tutor support.

Cassandra McGhie

Absolutely go for it, tutors are very supportive and give excellent feedback that will help you understand the assignments.

Cassandra McGhie Animal Behaviour Graduate

Cassandra McGhie

The course exceeded my expectations.

Julie Landau

The course is a great introduction into veterinary science. A good stepping stone into further education in this field.

Julie Landau Animal Health Care Graduate

Emmanuella Jurkovic

It most definitely [met my expectations]. Given how cheap the course was in comparison to other places, I was quite pleased. What made this learning method more enjoyable was the contact and support I had from my teacher Jeanine.

Nicua Smit

I have gained a lot of information that will help me later in life.

Alexandera Biggs

it taught me a lot of aspects of cat behaviour in many different lessons.

Cat Psychology & Training Graduate

Jye West

Environmental Assessment BEN-301 is a basic environmental course that explains the foundations to a complex industry that is defined by international and federal laws. It is a worthwhile initial course for people who are interested to broaden their knowledge and also others who would like to springboard their university qualifications.

Jye West Environmental Assessment Graduate