What do our Students Say?

We care what our students think about our services!  We think you should too.

That’s why we’ve posted pages of  real extracts from our student feedback (completed students only) for you to read.

Grant Alera

The course was not only educational, but pulled together all the components in the final assignment to make it applicable to the real world workforce.

Grant Alera Agronomy Graduate

Michelle Isbister

If you have an interest or love for dogs then it's a perfect course. It provides a great building block if you wish to maybe progress to other courses in animal care, whilst giving you the ability to structure your study around your lifestyle. It's certainly changed the way I interact with dogs especially now I have more of an understanding of why they do the things they do, signs and symptoms of illnesses along with causes, anatomy and job industries dealing with dogs. It wasn't a chore to study but thoroughly interesting and enjoyable.

Michelle Isbister Dog Care

Samantha Tointon

Im really enjoying the courses. as I have said before. You dont hand feed the student information, they have to look for it themselves through other means. This I think is important as it make the student think outside the box so to speak. I cant wait to complete more courses with your team.

Rosemary Sims

Extremely valuable course carrying on from previous lessons (Counselling Skills A)

Jarrett Ross

The course was indeed a valuable learning experience as it gave me a great insight into the overall outcome of the course and a general knowledge of the what it is like to work in the field if wildlife management.

Jarrett Ross Wildlife Management Graduate

Cassandra McGhie

Absolutely go for it, tutors are very supportive and give excellent feedback that will help you understand the assignments.

Cassandra McGhie Animal Behaviour Graduate

Josephine Loimaranta

Since completing the Certificate in Xero Accounting in early November 2014 I have managed to get a get a position where I am assisting a Mobile bookkeeper with her Xero clients – and loving it.

E. Hargrave

Not only did it meet my expectations, but it exceeded them it was fun.

E. Hargrave Counselling Skills Graduate

Cassandra McGhie

it informed me on practical ways to conserve a habitat and protect an endangered species.

Pam Bennett

I learned about best soil management practices through the course.

Melanie Fisher

It opened my eyes to so much, it gave me a deeper understanding of grief, it's symptoms and all the challengers that come with it. Having gone through periods of grief myself over the years, it made me realize how normal I was, that I wasn't crazy and how you can still live life after grief.

Susan Voice

It was a great course to begin with, after not having studied for 30 years. For the most part the course was easy to understand and follow.

Susan Voice Natural Animal Health Care Graduate

Kevin Lawrence

Definitely worthwhile.

Barry Lindsay Day

Definitely worth doing and not overly priced

Holly Pasque

I definitely found this a valuable source of learning because it enabled me be learning when I was researching for my assignments. It helped me learn and understand all about veterinary nursing, diseases, treatment, symptoms. caging requirements for animals, how to castrate a colt, etc. I found this course thoroughly enjoyable.

Holly Pasque Animal Health Care Graduate

Arabella Kenny

...I learned a lot about the basics of Psychology, independently and in the comfort in my own home.

Arabella Kenny Introduction to Psychology

Frances Tyson

The feedback I received from my tutor was excellent. It made me further reflect on the many aspects of grief that effect us all and it provided me with more depth of knowledge into each module presented.

Frances Tyson Grief Counselling

Beau Eastman

It teaches you a lot about all aspects of caring for animals in a Zoo.

Beau Eastman Zoo Keeping Graduate

Katie Hall

the final assessment ‘Recovery Plan’ was a good challenge and i enjoyed this.

Katie Hall Wildlife Conservation Graduate

John Andrews

I was so impressed I am going to do another course and maybe more after that!

John Andrews Marine Studies A

Tanya Romeo

This course was well set out, instructions were easy to follow and handing in assignments was a simple process.

Tanya Romeo Dog Psychology & Training Graduate

Wendy Joy Smith

It was a good grounding of basic physiology and anatomy which I feel will be extremely useful in other components of animal and wildlife studies.

Baltej Singh

Yes. Because it helped me understand all the basic principles of organic gardening and some concepts like role of earthworms, companion planting and crop rotation were really very interesting and useful.

Baltej Singh Organic Plant Culture Graduate

Rebecca Lyon

I was really happy with the course, it was reasonably priced and pretty straight forward. In the most part, I found the first two lessons the best as I want to be a vet and specialise in equine health. But even the last two lessons as I eventually want to open my own clinic so the management side was good as well.

Rebecca Lyon Horse Care C