Why study online courses?

Why choose to study online courses?

  1. Attend your classes anywhere you want, anytime you want: Undoubtedly the key reason for the appeal of online training courses for many. As people get busier, the convenience of taking classes minus the rigid schedule of time and place are truly a blessing. People in remote areas are able to access online learning cases as well. In most cases, a virtual class provides fewer physical distractions and can help diminish boredom.
  2. Learn by doing: For many people, online education classes are student-centered and each learner is able to work out an individual learning style that suits him or her best.
  3. Hone 21st century skills: Students learn to employ the necessary skills to be successful in the modern world; students learn to research for information using the World wide web and communicate with other virtually through discussion groups and social networking sites.
  4. More comfortable learning environment: Schools can be quite intimidating, online learning study offers a neutral territory that puts everyone on equal footing, there is no prejudice with regards to race, age, or gender.
  5. Professional tutelage: Students can benefit from the knowledge provided by online instructors who are often professionals who have firsthand experience in their field of expertise.
  6. Diverse course listing: Distance education courses offer a variety of programs that include Agriculture, Information Technology, Hospitality and Tourism, as well as Writing and Journalism.
  7. Virtual class environment: Various forms of virtual communication make it easy for students to openly engage fellow students and instructors without waiting for the opening of office hours.

How to Evaluate Online Courses

With its increasing popularity and growing number of providers, it is a good idea to learn how to evaluate online training courses to find the best that the Internet has to offer. Measuring the quality of online learning study can be quite tricky. Oftentimes cost is a major criteria for many. However, this alone should not be the basis for selecting distance education courses.

Assessing an online provider should take the following criteria into consideration.

    1. Technological Assistance: From a technological standpoint, online courses should provide support mechanisms that take into account critical issues such as course delivery systems, data backup and protection, as well as user training and support. Access to student advisors by way of instant messaging programs or social networking sites is also advantageous.
    2. Course Organization: Materials are well organized to enable students to take on and finish the online courses of a program through the use of essential tools for communication and collaboration
    3. Student’s Social Engagement: Program promotes the development of an online learning community wherein students can engage with fellow students by way of qualified course delivery methods
    4. Instructional design of courses: The online learning courses are developed based on the process of standard course design that includes measured learning objectives and appropriate evaluation methods
    5. Adequate time frame for course completion: Many colleges offer only 6 months to complete a 100 hour self paced course, we find that the 12 months we offer results in a higher course completion rate.
    6. Assessment: Student learning is carefully evaluated by instructors at the same time the performance of instructors as well as of support services can be evaluated by students
    7. Flexible payment options: Convenient payment schemes that allow students to pay online or through installments that spread the expense over a period of time

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