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10 Best Job Search Engines


The past few months have been a difficult time for many of us – global pandemic, and the economic downturn it has contributed to, have meant that workers around the world suddenly finding themselves out of a job. If you’re in need of new employment opportunities, but don’t know where to start looking, here’s our list of 10 Best Search Engines to help job seekers from any industry:

Australian Job Search Engines
  • URL:
  • Location: Australia and New Zealand
  • Industry: General
  • Best for: Jobseekers in any industry who want to search and apply for positions all in the same place. SEEK allows job hunters to search by location, industry, and work type.
  • Unique features: SEEK allows jobseekers to create personalized profiles that contain career and education history, as well as professional skills. Completing this profile helps you to find job opportunities that match your skillset and apply for jobs quickly and easily.
  • URL:
  • Location: Australia
  • Industry: Genera, with a focus on industries and positions that are ethically sound.
  • Best for: Job seekers with a strong ethical conscience; those that contribute directly to creating a more equal or sustainable society
  • Unique features: Unlike many other job websites, Ethical Jobs allows job seekers to search for employment in industries such as green energy, conservation, domestic and family violence, legal and human rights, and multiculturalism and diversity.
  • URL:
  • Location: Australia
  • Industry: Law and Justice
  • Best for: Legal Careers is designed for current and emerging legal professionals
  • Unique features: Legal Careers exclusively advertises positions for legal professionals; Operated by the Law Institute of Victoria
  • URL:
  • Location: Australia
  • Industry: General
    Best for: Jobseekers from a broad range of industries. The site offers additional resources for those who are looking to re-enter the workforce after an absence or change industries, or who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.
  • Unique features: Operated by the Australian Government; also acts as a platform for the government to offer assistance and advice to jobseekers. The website provides advice for those currently seeking employment, including interview tips, employable skill building, and resume writing. Australian JobSearch also provides special assistance to groups who may find job seeking particularly challenging, such as parents, military veterans, Indigenous Australians, and the long-term unemployed.
  • URL:
  • Location: Australia and United Kingdom
  • Industry: The Arts
  • Best for: Creatives, arts administrators and business people, and professionals searching for jobs in the fields of visual art, performing arts, design, or publishing.
  • Unique features: browsing advertised positions on ArtsHub requires users to pay a membership fee of $19.99 per month for Australian members, or between £3 and £4 per month for members from the United Kingdom. Joining ArtsHub unlocks other premium content such as assisting arts professionals to manage and promote themselves and their organisation.
  • URL:
  • Location: Australia
  • Industry: APS Jobs exclusively lists positions advertised by Australian federal government departments and government-run agencies. Instead of categorising jobs by industry, positions are grouped according to the department or agency they are advertised by.
  • Best for: Job seekers who are looking for positions within the Australian Public Service, specifically in federal government departments.
  • Unique features: If you’re searching for a government job, then APS Jobs is the first place you should be searching! No other job search engine offers a complete and comprehensive database of all open job opportunities in the Federal public sector.
  • URL:
  • Location: Australia
  • Industry: Media, marketing, and communications
  • Best for: Emerging or experienced marketing and communications professionals
  • Unique features: Mumbrella is both a news website agency and a job search engine. Their job portal allows job seekers to filter by specialty – whether you’re a digital marketer, sales executive, manager, journalist, or public relations professional, you’ll easily be able to find jobs that are relevant to you.
International Job Search Engines
1. LinkedIn
  • URL:
  • Location: Global
  • Industry: General
  • Best for: LinkedIn is ideal for white-collar jobseekers who want to reap the benefits of a job search engine while networking and making connections with other professionals.
  • Unique features: LinkedIn is both a job search engine and a social network. It allows you to create a profile that contains your professional experience and education, then use this to apply for jobs that match your skillset.
2. CareerBuilder 
  • URL:
  • Location: United States
  • Industry: General
  • Best for: US-based job seekers looking for employment in any city across the country or abroad.
  • Unique features: A notable resource offered by CareerBuilder that many current job hunters will find useful is a guide for searching for employment in the midst of COVID-19. The pandemic has changed many things about how we work, including the location, application process, and availability of jobs, and it’s essential for job seekers to be aware of how these changes affect them. CareerBuilder allows job seekers to search by industry and location, as well as build or upload a resume to allow for easy job application. Job seekers, as well as those who are employed, will benefit from using CareerBuilder’s salary search tool to compare their current or expected salary to others with the same job title.
3. Reed
  • URL:
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Industry: General. Jobs across a wide range of industries, with a focus on opportunities in healthcare.
  • Best for: First-time jobseekers and experienced professionals looking for office-based or remote opportunities in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
  • Unique features: allows job hunters to search for available jobs by industry, location, and salary. At the top of their website, the company features a rotating roster of well-known organisations that are looking for new staff. These have included healthcare companies, including the NHS, as well as banks, cosmetic companies, and more.

10 Best Job Search Engines 1 Min

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