Online Animal Courses

✓ Self-Paced      ✓ Flexible Study Schedule     ✓ Affordable

Online Animal Courses

✓ Self-Paced

✓ Flexible Study Schedule

✓ Affordable

Animal Course Certificates for Adult Learners

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What Career Options are Possible?

Depending upon which course you study there are many possible career options including:

  • pet carer
  • dog walker
  • dog groomer
  • veterinary assistant
  • animal welfare
  • animal attendant
  • zoo keeper

If you’re not ready to commit to a long or expensive course, our short courses are ideal options to get started without over-committing.  For some students they will need to do further study to achieve their career goals.

If you already have a farm but wish to commercially raise livestock the following are suitable:

  • beef cattle
  • sheep
  • dairy cattle
  • goats
  • poultry (chicken)
  • pigs (swine).

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit there are many animal business that you can start yourself such as:

  • Start your own dog walking business
  • Start your own dog grooming business
  • Start your own pet shop
  • Start your own animal training business.

Is a Career in Animal Care Right for You?

Working with animals is not always easy, and as a career it may not be the highest paid job.  However if you have a strong love of animals and really enjoy caring for them, then it could be one of the most rewarding paths you can take.   The work itself may not always be pleasant or in the best conditions.  Consider the fact that  you will most likely have to get dirty, working with animals is not always a clean task.  You will also have to spend time cleaning up after them as well!  Additionally the work may also be outdoors in all weather as animals need to be cared for regardless of the rain and cold.  In many situations the hours may be unconventional for example working on a Dairy you will be rising before dawn to get the cows in and fed.  So think about if you like a good long sleep in!

The other aspect that’s not always discussed when working with animals is loss.  If you love animals and work with them regularly there will come a time when an animal may pass away from health issues or old age.  Grief can be an unexpected part of working with animals. You need to prepare yourself for this especially if you are very sentimental.

Have we talked you out of it yet?  We hope not because if you’ve gotten this far we’re sure that its your first choice.  The rewards are huge when you get work at what you love.


What Animal Courses do You Offer?

Careerline offers a wide range of animal care courses, including specialised courses such as Dog Psychology, Cat Psychology, Animal Diseases, Aquarium Management and more. We also have a range of wildlife and zookeeper courses available.

Our Animal Husbandry courses cover a wide range of agricultural animals such as Sheep, Goat, Pig, Poultry, Beef (and Dairy) Cattle and more, additionally our Husbandry A, B and C cover the anatomy and physiology, nutrition and health care of a range of agricultural animals.

Horse care is covered by our range of equine studies, including the specialised modules: horse behaviour and horse breeding. Additionally, Careerline also offers a range of animal behaviour and aquaculture courses.

All our animal courses come as 100 hour modules.  They are self-paced and offered online, designed by industry experts and planned to give you the practical knowledge and skills you will need on you career with animals.