Horticultural Irrigation Courses

  • Irrigation Agricultural Online Course
    If you already work with irrigation, greens, gardens and parks but need to take it to the next level this course is for you. If you are getting started in irrigation then we suggest you complete Irrigation (Gardens) first. Study Irrigation Management Online Self paced study 100 hours over 12 months Expert help from our qualified tutors The […]
  • Irrigation Agricultural Online Course
    This is a ten lesson course that covers the design, installation, maintenance, operation and evaluation of simple irrigation systems.  If you need to have extensive skills in garden irrigation techniques, rather than just a basic working knowledge of how garden irrigation works, then this course is for you. Become a Garden Irrigation Specialist and advise, […]
  • Irrigation Agricultural Online Course
    Do you need to improve your crop yields?  Correct irrigation set and management may be what is required.  Learn to management water on your property / workplace with improved efficiency and design.  This is a sound foundation course introducing you to the basics of irrigation design and management. Course Aims:  Explain the significance of soil in […]

Take your irrigation knowledge further and become an irrigation specialist?

Enroll in one of our horticultural irrigation online courses today and up your understanding of different irrigation systems.

Our course builds skills, polishes them, and develops students who can design, manage, and operate irrigation systems for the horticultural application. Students will also learn to administer water volumes, monitor water usage, solve different water impurities problems, among others.

Horticultural irrigation online courses include three fields, irrigation agriculture, irrigation garden, and irrigation management. Students who enroll in either of these courses will learn the fundamental principles of each section and sustainability.

Upon completion of horticultural irrigation courses, students should:

  • Design irrigation layout including pipe and pump selection
  • Know the principles to adhere to when using recycled water
  • Know to use irrigation devices and moisture measurement
  • Understand all hydraulic principles involved in irrigation or drainage work
  • Be able to estimate the requirement of an irrigation system

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