Equine Studies

  • This course is an advanced course that is designed to give the student an understanding of both the practical aspects of equine breeding with regard to management of the stallion, mares, breeding and their foals, as well as the management of selective breeding and genetic selection. The lessons presented include fundamental principles of horse breeding, […]
  • The Advanced Certificate in Equine Studies provides a unique, comprehensive opportunity for individuals interested in horses, horse care, and the horse industry. Individuals completing this Advanced Certificate program of study will gain a solid foundation in equine husbandry skills and practical knowledge.   There are 4 modules in this course: 1. Horse Care A Domestication/Development […]
  • This equine behaviour online course presents an in depth study of the behaviour of horses including psychological influences on behavior and how principles of learning are applied as effective horse training methods. Students will work through lessons over-viewing motivators of equine behavior, how genetics influence behavior, perception in horses and how horses respond to stimuli, […]
  • This course serves as a practical survey and review of the principles of nutrition and feeding management for horses. Topics covered in the course include a study of the horse’s digestive anatomy and physiology, review of the basic nutrients, different factors affecting the nutritional requirements of horses, body condition scoring, types of feeds for horses, […]
  • This course provides a study of equine health management and disease prevention. Lessons will include discussions on the principles of disease and disease transmission, as well as normal health parameters and signs of disease in horses. Additional topics to be presented include common infectious diseases, considerations for effective vaccination programs, parasite control and management, digestive […]
  • This course is intended to establish general, foundational knowledge related to the care and management of horses. Primary topics include the domestication and development of the horse, type and breed classifications, basic anatomy and conformation, colors and markings, gaits and defects in gait, teeth and age determination, and proper hoof care as well as diseases […]