Online Animal Husbandry Courses

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Online Animal Husbandry Courses

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Animal Husbandry Course Certificates for Adult Learners

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Advanced Certificate in Animal Husbandry Online Course Sale!

Students gain a strong foundation of skills and knowledge in a wide range of areas including nutrition, feed, health care, animal anatomy and physiology in the three core modules.  A choice of one elective from a range allows students to gain specific husbandry and management skills in cattle, sheep, poultry or pigs. If you are […]

Animal Breeding Online Course Sale!

Animal breeding can be undertaken on any level, from a part time hobby or part-time business (e.g. breeding and selling pets), through to a very serious and highly sophisticated profession (such as the breeding of racehorses). A science based course, animal breeding online, goes into genetics, artificial and natural selection, cross breeding and artificial insemination […]

Agriculture Courses Online. Sale!

Get a sound foundation in animal husbandry over a variety of domestic agricultural species.  This course will help you understand how to diagnose disease or determine if an animal has sustained an injury; to help understand the physical capabilities or limitations of particular species;  to understand what happens in the nutrition and growth processes; and […]

Animal Husbandry B (Animal Health) Online Course Sale!

Learn the 11 things you must know about disease classification, causes and diagnosis of disease, fever and immunity, tissue repair, inflammation, cell changes and more. This course gives you a solid introduction to animal health with a focus on agricultural animals. Learn to examine animal health, explain various conditions and distinguish the suitable treatments and responses […]

Animal Husbandry C (Feed and Nutrition) Online Course Sale!

Animal Nutrition Online Course Learn the composition of a range of feeds including pasture, fodder crops, grasses, cereals, seed, and other edible plants. This course also explains the role of proteins, vitamins and minerals in animal diets. It equips you with the skills required to evaluate feeding and select appropriate feeds – for digestibility and […]

Artificial insemination (AI) is widely used in most domestic and even wild animal species. The reasons for use of AI instead of natural breeding are diverse and different for the various species. As in humans, AI can be used as a tool to increase conception rate in animals that have fertility problems. This is usually […]

Animal Husbandry Courses Sale!

Beef Cattle Course Online – Flexible, Easy, Self-paced This online beef cattle course introduces students to the fundamentals of beef cattle management including husbandry, breeding, production, feed lots, herds and more.  It aims to help students analyse and make informed decisions about the management requirements of beef cattle. You should be able to describe and […]


Learn to manage calves and calving successfully in this calf rearing online course Study the rearing and selection of calves. Improve your ability to rear calves. Improve your job prospects with improved knowledge. Study in your own time at your own pace. This calf rearing online course will develop your skills in managing the rearing of […]


Improve your knowledge of dairy cattle management and planning. An excellent course for anyone looking to work with dairy cattle or to improve their existing knowledge. Improve your job and career prospects. Study in your own time at your own pace. Your Tutors are industry experts. Learn to independently analyse and make decisions about the […]


Study this course with a foundation in the systematic investigation and diagnosis of health disorders in animals.  This course is suitable for: Farmers Wildlife Carers Veterinary Nurses Animal carers Routine disease investigations are based on clinical, pathological and epidemiological evidence. If there is a need for conclusive identification of a disease or condition, an accurate laboratory […]

Thanks for the great learning experience, it was very enjoyable I looked forward to it every day.

J. Papadopoulos

Pigs (Swine) Graduate

Sometimes its quite hard to motivate yourself to sit down and write your assignments but its also a great feeling receiving an email saying that you have passed your exam! Also I moved 5 times since I started studying and therefore continuing my studies would not have been possible with a traditional course, especially because I moved countries/continents.

Maria H. Tribale

Horse Care Graduate

Why study Animal Husbandry?

Good animal husbandry is crucial to the success of any agricultural venture. Animal husbandry is the selective breeding and managed raising of livestock for the improvement of selected characteristics such as mass, milk yield or even improved performance.

For those intersted in breeding we suggest looking at the Animal Breeding course which will give you an understanding of genetics, pedigrees, hybridisation and more.  Additionally we have the three general courses, Animal Husbandry A, B and C, which cover topics such as nutrition, anatomy and physiology, health care and more. 


Please note that none of our courses cover wildlife farming at this stage.


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