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Accreditation & Recognition

We are frequently asked about accreditation and recognition of our courses. Below is an explanation of where our courses fit in.

Iarc Coloured Logo Nt 01International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC)

Careerline is a proud organisational member of this premier independent quality management organisation. IARC’s goal is to optimise student outcomes by supporting institutions and schools. IARC’s core values are firmly aligned with ethical and professional conduct in the online education marketplace, whilst encouraging good practice among school leaders.

IARC has been operating since 1999, originally in Australia, also operating from a regional office in the UK since 2015. IARC is not affiliated or linked to any one system of government regulation as IARC operates on a global platform. With education providers all over the world, IARC’s standards for education quality are developed from broad and general standards extracted and evolved from many frameworks, and from member feedback.

You can read more about IARC here, or contact their friendly Customer Service team at to find out more.

Accreditation Amp Recognition

IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists)

The IICT has given Careerline Courses approval as a training provider for a range of complementary therapy courses including all counselling courses, life coaching, some nutrition and natural animal health care. The benefit to our students is they may join the IICT and take advantage of their professional indemnity insurance options.


Acs Global Partners Logo2

Accredited ACS Global Partner

Our relationship with ACS extends over 10 years. We are proud to be associated as an ACS Global Partner.

Why would anyone do a non-government-accredited course?

We frequently get asked about accreditation and why we offer many non-nationally accredited courses. On that note we thought we’d share our answer to one lady who simply asked, “Why would anyone do a non-accredited course?”

“There are many reasons for taking a non-nationally accredited course. Many of our students choose to study with Careerline in a non-accredited course because they may not be able to find an accredited version, or they may not be able to access the accredited version due to travel times, enrollment requirements, expensive costs, times and schedules of courses delivery and student number restrictions. Some subjects just don’t fit under nationally accreditation such as Carnivorous Plants or Self Sufficiency and many counselling courses. Others you would normally would have enroll in an advanced degree to learn, such as Criminal Psychology or Vertebrate Zoology. Many people don’t want to enroll in a long committed course; they want a certain standard of education on the subject, certification as well, but don’t necessarily require a University degree or Diploma.

The ability to study flexibly, at their own pace without needing to attend work placements is also very attractive for people who don’t need job training, but still want to learn.

At Careerline we try to bring you the best of both worlds, we offer over three hundred subject specific Certificate Courses for adult learners.

The learning experience and outcome will be equal to that of nationally recognised or government recognised courses, and it is our experience that in many cases the employer does not care where the certification comes from, (unless it is a legislated industry such as some medical trades or health and safety), only that the, potential ,employee ‘knows their stuff’ and can demonstrate a practical knowledge and application of the subject matter. This is the outcome the student can take away from studying with Careerline courses.

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