Human Anatomy Courses

  • Genetics is a biology discipline that examines the science of heritability, genes, and the natural variations in living organisms. The rapid development of the field of biotechnology has also incorporated genetics to include genetic engineering and modification of organisms for specific purposes. This course will introduce you to the field of genetics starting with an […]
  • A course designed for health therapists and all those working in health care that want or need to develop a deeper understanding of the human body processes and maintenance of health. Course Aims: Review basic functions occurring in the cells of the human body Review basic functioning of the tissues within the body such as […]
  • This course is designed for students who need a deeper understanding of human muscle physiology and its affect on our movement and health.  You will learn the essentials of human movement including the operation of muscles and nerves, movements and reactions observed in the body,  the nervous system, motor skills, and more.  Additionally the relationships […]
  • Learn about the human cardio-respiratory system. Understand topics such as blood, blood pressure, pulmonary ventilation, gas exchange and transport, blood flow and gas transport, understand cardio respiratory control, cardio respiratory disease and more. Essential for the fitness trainer, health care professional, nutrition counsellor learn about your own body and improve your health. Course Aims: Explain […]
  • Study human anatomical structures Understand physiology in human systems that are essential knowledge in many industries – education, science, health care, fitness and exercise, nutrition and weight loss, alternative medicine, among others An introductory course allows for learning at your own level – just do the basics or challenge yourself to study in a level you’re comfortable […]
  • This course complements studies in human health and fitness, horticulture, agriculture and wildlife gain in-depth knowledge of chemical composition and processes; tissues, nucleus, organelles, cell signalling, tissues and more. Course Aims: Review basic cell structure and discuss the scope and nature of cell biology. Describe the chemical components and processes of cells. Describe the storage […]
  • This course is designed for people working or wishing to work in a human or animal health or science related profession, as practitioner, educator or researcher. In this course we examine a wide range of detailed metabolic processes.  You will learn to explain a range of common biochemical processes including glycolysis and glycogen metabolism, lipid, amino […]
  • Work towards a career in medicine, research, nutrition, agriculture, health science and natural health care. learn about the chemistry of molecules found in and associated with living systems biochemists try to understand complex procedures, how molecules are created or destroyed and how they relate and affect each other, and you can too. Know about the […]
  • Introductory Online Biochemistry Course Biochemistry is an integral part of all human and animals health studies. Study with highly qualified and experienced tutors the basis of life while studying in your own home. This online biochemistry course will lead you through the fundamentals of chemistry including atomic structure, the periodic table, molecules, nomenclature, organic chemistry and […]
  • Human Anatomy. This course is essential study for an in-depth understanding of human anatomy. Lessons include surface anatomy, regional and systemic anatomy and radiographic anatomy and cytology. This course assumes a basic understanding of anatomy, and is an ideal follow on from Human Anatomy and Physiology BSC101. Course Aims: Describe and understand the microscopic anatomical features of human […]

Why study human sciences?

Anyone interested in human health, fitness and wellbeing must have a strong foundation in how we work, particularly anatomy and physiology. Human biochemistry underpins all health sciences and is essential for anyone considering a career or planning on completing a degree in any health field. These online nutrition courses are perfect as stepping stones before committing to a degree or longer course of study, to see if the subject really does interest you and to gap fill areas in your resume or skills set.

What is Human Anatomy & Physiology?

Human anatomy is the study of the structure of the body and how these parts interrelate, for example systems such as the skeletal system and the muscular system. Physiology is the study of the functions of the body systems.

What is Biochemistry?

Biochemistry is the study of the chemical processes within living organisms. Biochemistry looks at a range of levels from molecular up to system wide chemical pathways.