Mental Health Courses

Learn about Mental health in 100 hrs or in as little as 20 hrs! Our courses cover a wide range of psychology and counselling topics and are all offered online. These courses are for anyone wanting to know more about their own or others mental health, anyone with an interesting in working as a counsellor or psychologist or just a passion for helping others.

Our psychology and counselling courses:

  • are all online
  • have 24/7 access in our modern learning environment
  • have full support by our friendly & experienced tutors
  • come with a great price with flexible payment payment plans

We offer a wide range of mental health online courses to either learn for general knowledge development or career progression.

Mental Health Courses

Now more than ever caring for others and our own mental health is important.  At Careerline Courses we offer a wide range of mental health online courses to either learn for your own general knowledge or for career progression.

Our mental health online courses suit those looking for a deeper understanding of people around them and those who feel empathetic and obliged to help others.  So whether you want to learn about different mental health issues or want to work within the social care sector, you will definitely find the right mental health course for you..

Should I study a psychology course or a counselling course?

Which one you pick depends on your interest and purpose in studying.  If you wish to provide practice face to face help, then we would suggest looking at a counselling course.  If your interest is more knowledge based, a need to understand the why then have a look at some of the psychology courses.

Why study counselling?

Counselling can be a very rewarding career pathway, and taking an online counselling course from Careerline Courses is a practical way to obtain the skills to start your own career or work effectively with others. In a number of cases, especially stress management and anger management, the self-awareness developed through these courses can be of a positive and life changing standard.

Can I work as a counsellor after completing one of these courses?

Legally yes, but we wouldn’t recommend it because 100 hours is not really enough study time or practical experience for you to operate as a professional counsellor. We suggest these courses work very well as a stepping stone before committing to a Diploma or a Degree, or for your own information and self awareness or if you are in a situation where are already providing information advice but want to consolidate your understanding further.

How do I become a Counsellor?

While in Australia counselling is not a government regulated industry, and there are no official requirements, we would advise that you complete a Diploma of Counselling as a minimum.

Can I work as a Psychologist after completing on of these courses?

In short, no.  To practice as psychology in Australia requires that you first complete a degree and usually a  masters program in psychology and then you also need to gain entry in to the Australian Psychological Association (APA) in order to legally practice as a psychologist.