Crop Courses

  • There are many different types of mushrooms. To understand the culture of one gives you a head start to understanding others. In this 100-hour course, you will focus on the most widely cultivated mushroom (ie. Agaricus). This course is suitable for: anyone interested in growing mushrooms self sufficiency growers commercial mushroom producers This online course […]
  • The Fruit and Vegetable short course is a 20 hour short course that will give you the confidence and the knowledge to start your own fruit and vegetable garden at home. Get to know all of the in’s and out’s of growing fruit and vegetables at home, including the right plants to grow in your […]
  • Do you need to learn more about growing root crops in order to increase your farms profitability or because you want to get started in a new market?  We can help with this 100 hour self paced course.  This course will help you discover different varieties of root vegetables, learn best growing practices and understand […]
  • Learn to successfully grow cereals, pulses and pseudo grains! You will learn the five factors needed to grow grains profitably in this course and more: Good quality seed, with high germination rate Protect seeds against pests and disease Prepare seedbed well Adequate nutrition in soil Timely sowing – temperature, moisture and climatic conditions suitable What […]
  • If you are serious about starting your own commercial herb farm or nursery, or maybe an organic herb enterprise, then this course is for you. Study herbs online in this 400 hour/ 2-year duration course. Study two core modules (Herb Culture and Organic Farming) and select two electives from a range of 7 electives allowing […]
  • For most people, a nut is a type of food and a delightful food at that! Strictly speaking, not all nuts are edible; but this course is only concerned with edible nuts and in particular, the ones that are grown more extensively around the world in warm climates. The tropical nut trees are dependent on your locality […]
  • This course is designed to develop your ability to select and cultivate appropriate varieties of bulbs as cut flowers, in different situations. It gives you an understanding of the plant families bulbs belong to, their cultural needs, how to prevent and treat pest and disease problems plus the basis of horticultural knowledge: soil types and […]
  • Learn the processes required to tap into the commercial organic vegetable market. This extensive course provides a wealth of knowledge and practical skills and shows you how to market your produce. Learn all aspects of organic vegetable production. Gain practical knowledge in this growing industry. Enhance your job prospects. Study in your own time at your […]
  • What is agronomy? Agronomy is the growing of field crops for use as human food, animal feed, fibre, oil seed production and some industrial products. Agronomy includes crops such as wheat, and cotton but does not cover vegetable, fruit, forestry and flower crops.  This agronomy course covers specifically the production of broadleaf crops. What will […]
  • Minimize pest problems, and creating productive farms and healthy gardens without relying upon artificial chemicals – all that takes knowledge, and sometimes a little more hard work. Through this course you can lay a foundation in the skills needed to be an effective organic gardener or farmer. Course Aims: Explain the concepts and principles of […]
  • What is Organic Farming?  Organic farming is an agricultural method that reduces or elimiates reliance on the use of chemicals.  Specifically it relies on techniques such as crop rotations, composting, soil improvement, green manuring and pest control strategies. Organic produce is increasing in popularity due to concerns of chemical residues on food for consumption and […]
  • Learn to identify and grow a wide range of edible nuts Learn from professional university trained horticulturists with decades of industry experience Build networks within industry and discover opportunities for commercial production or self sufficiency With increased pressure on food supply & the environment, opportunities for food production experts are set to expand in the future -Now is […]
  • An essential introduction to the fruit growing industry for temperate climates. Gain important skills for successful fruit growing. Learn orchard management, soils, planting, irrigation, pruning, cultural practices, pest control, stone fruits, fruit trees, nuts, vines and much more. This course is for the serious grower! All you need to know to set up a successful fruit growing […]
  • If you dream of starting your own organic farm this course can help you get there. Gain skills in organic farming and pick from a range of electives to focus in on your area of interest.    
  • Good soil conditions are critical to the healthy growth of most plants. Over eight lessons this course will develop an understanding of physical & chemical properties of soils, the ability to carry out simple tests and determine soil characteristics, and to decide ways of treating a soil to improve its ability to grow plants. The […]
  • Study the different methods of growing and harvesting carnations. A serious course equally valuable to the home enthusiast or the commercial cut flower grower. You learn about growing quality carnations (planting, watering, pest & disease control, fertilizing), different ways of growing them (e.g. as row crops in soil, in hydroponics, in a greenhouse); and harvesting, […]
  • Learn  about warm climate fruit production. Study in your own time and at your own pace. Work with highly experienced and qualified tutors. A similar course to temperate climate fruit production, but adapted to cover tropical and sub-tropical conditions. The course includes sections on Avocados, Pineapples, Macadamias, Papaya [paw paw] and Cashews. There are many […]
  • Study Viticulture Courses Online Careerline Course’s viticulture course is suitable for vineyard workers, vineyard managers and wine growers. Hobby farmers will get all the starting information they need to begin in the industry and enthusiastic amateur wine makers will find this course invaluable. As a starting point for people changing careers and wishing to pursue […]
  • Become an irrigation expert. Learn all you need to know about irrigating crops and irrigation systems. Design, maintenance, operation and evaluation of irrigation systems ideal for use with crops. Learn to: Correctly estimate irrigation requirements Schedule irrigation Correct drainage Select the best irrigation system Design the right system Understand pumps and filters  
  • Learn how you can extend the growing season by expanding your cut flower range and supplying markets year-round. This is a diverse course for the serious grower. Select your crop and use appropriate equipment and techniques to get a viable commercial outcome. Develop your ability to select and cultivate appropriate varieties of cut flowers in […]
  • This diverse course introduces you to the fundamental knowledge required to set up your own cut flower business or to work for a commercial grower. Cut flower growing has experienced rapid expansion in recent decades, resulting in increased demand for training in the skills and knowledge required by this industry, and increased opportunity for profit […]
  • Orchids thrive naturally in very cold temperate climates through to tropical locations; and allows you to choose appropriate species and treat them according to location. It is feasible to grow orchids as cut flowers almost anywhere. Orchids are one of the most commercially viable cut flower crops (partially due to their beauty, and also due […]
  • CROP GROWING COURSE – NUTS, FRUITS, BERRIES, HERBS, VEGETABLES & CUT FLOWERS LEARN TO GROW CROPS SUCCESSFULLY OUTDOORS. Gain skills and knowledge necessary to grow and sell many different crops. Study in your time and at your own pace. This course provides a thorough knowledge framework in outdoor production of common crops. Learn about site […]
  • Develop the skills and knowledge necessary for commercial vegetable production, examining in depth different techniques of production. Learn the importance of soils, plant-cultural practices and pest and disease management as an excellent method to obtain optimum crop production.  A general overview of vegetable crop management including post harvest and marketing. Note: This course shares topics with  Commercial […]
  • Berries can form a viable alternative or supplementary crop with varieties suitable for many different climates and conditions.  This course will provide you the knowledge to make informed decisions and sound management skills for a range of berry crops. This course is ideal for both the berry enthusiast and commercial grower, covering all aspects of […]
  • This is not a ‘herbal medicine course’ it is a horticulture course for those wanting to grow and prepare herbs for medicinal use! Free Ebook: Handbook of Medicinal Herbs (2nd Edition) by James Duke               Why study this Medicinal Herbs course? Careerline’s online Medicinal Herbs course is designed as an […]
  • A great course for anyone interested in growing lavender for hobby or commercial reasons. This course is aimed at those you are looking to start their own lavender farm but also equally interesting to the enthusiast. These lessons will equip you with the knowledge to start a new venture. Learn about soils and plant nutrition, growing new varieties of Lavender, […]

Do you aspire to have a career path in crop production? If that’s so, then enrol now for our online Crop courses and see your dreams come true.

Learners enrolling in this program will learn the modern way of farming. The course is tailor-made to help students understand all the critical aspects of growing crops, even in the harshest condition..

Benefits of studying online Crop courses:

  • Gain skills that will help them solve food and environmental problems.
  • You will learn how to start your organic farming
  • Will learn how to grow any crop regardless of the condition successfully.
  • It Will help improve food security
  • A career opportunity as a consultant in crop farming, etc.