Zoology, Zoo-keeping & Wildlife Courses

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Zoology, Zoo-keeping & Wildlife Courses

✓ Self-Paced

✓ Flexible Study Schedule

✓ Affordable

Zoology Certificate Courses for Adult Learners

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The wildlife course was indeed a valuable learning experience as it gave me a great insight into the overall outcome of the course and a general knowledge of the what it is like to work in the field if wildlife management…  I would say that if you have a love for wildlife and an honest want to further your knowledge about wildlife than this course is a great insight to the role and duties of a wildlife manager and a great insight into how to manage wildlife. J Ross.

Wildlife Management Graduate

Why Study Zoology?

Wild animals have always fascinated us, with the earliest recorded zoological collections being found in Egypt, circa 3500B.C. Since then the purpose of zoos over time has changed considerably with a modern focus on conservation, along with greater understanding and consideration of the animals psychological welfare.  Modern zookeepers know that animals respond best when kept in an environment that is as similar to their natural habitat as possible.  They also understand the importance of psychology in making animals feel safe and engaged.   You will learn aspects such as these in the short zookeeping course.  This course forms an excellent stepping stone to bigger things.  Similarly, if you wish to learn about the study of wild populations we suggest looking at any of the wildlife courses.


What is the difference between Zoo Keeping and Wildlife Management and Conservation?

Zoo Keeping focuses primarily on the welfare and husbandry of captive animals (non-domestic), while the Wildlife Management and Wildlife Conservation certificates focus on conservation and monitoring of non-captive populations of wild animals.

How do I get a job as a Zoo Keeper?

Becoming a zoo keeper is fairly competitive and most employers are looking for people with experience, accordingly we strongly recommend that anyone who is dreaming of becoming a zookeeper does find regular volunteer work and/or work experience where possible.  Our Zoo Keeper course is perfect for anyone volunteering or to use as a stepping stone to a Cert IV in Zoo Keeping which is the qualification you will ultimately need.