Animal Care Courses

  • Whether you are an bird keeping enthusiast or seeking a profession in the bird industry, this experiential-based course is designed to help you develop knowledge and skills to be a confident and successful bird keeper. There are 8 Lessons in this course: 1. Scope and Nature of Bird Care Introduction Selection Grooming Hygiene Terminology 2. […]
  • Domestic Cat Care
    If you’re thinking about cat care specifically as a new income stream or employment option, this course will assist you to demonstrate your ability to work with cats and understand the industry without question. Domestic Cat Care is a comprehensive 100 hour course covering all aspects of diet and nutrition, preventative health care and treating […]
  • Study Marsupials and understand more about this fascinating classification. To understand the diversity, biology, behaviour, and wellbeing of marsupial animals and apply that understanding to better managing individual animals or populations of animals, in the wild or in captivity. It is ideal for people working with animals, those in a wildlife management position or anyone […]
  • Continually growing your understanding and skills in caring for animals. This course was developed for anyone who owns animals or works with animals; from pet owners and farm workers, to zoo keepers and staff in animal shelters. The course offers lots of options for practical tasks where you can focus your study on the type […]
  • As wonderful and rewarding horse ownership can be, it takes immense amounts of time and dedication – owners should prepare to spend more time caring for their horse than actually riding it. Horse care involves a sequence of repetitive tasks including feeding and watering; grooming and the provision of health care; cleaning of their living […]
  • Become an expert at raising and caring for chickens and poultry! The Caring for Chickens and Other Poultry Study Guide is a complete learning guide for people who already own or are considering buying their first flock! This short course is ideal at encouraging you to become familiar with the scope of the industry in […]
  • Understand more about animal feeding and nutrition requirements with the 20 hour short course- Feeding Animals. This is a self guided short course that will help you understand the essentials of what is required to feed animals. This course is designed to provide the reader with knowledge of animal function relating to diet. It will […]
  • This short dog care course is just right for dog lovers and owners who want to take better care of their canine friends!
  • There are 9 Lessons in this course: 1. Scope and Nature of Animal Welfare History Nature of animal welfare Scope of animal welfare Widely accepted animal ethics theories Animal rights Animal welfare Animal welfare today 2. Psychology and Sentience The science and philosophy of psychology and sentience Sentience Sapience Anthropomorphism and Transference Compassionate conservation Sense […]
  • Do you love animal grooming?  This animal grooming online course will show you how in 10 easy lessons. This practical animal grooming online course is delivered online and will give you the skills and knowledge you need gain competency in animal grooming. It is suitable for both enthusiasts and professionals. Recommended for those wanting to be […]
  • Become a Professional Dog Carer Whether you are a professional or just love dogs, this course is for you.  You will learn about canines in depth, study their biology, health needs, breeding, behaviour, training, grooming and more. This course is online, 100hrs, self paced study. Suitable for: dog trainers, groomers, animal/pet carers, dog lovers, shelter […]
  • Online Aquarium Course For business or pleasure, this online aquarium course covers a wide range of topics including: fresh water systems salt water systems breeding fish set and design of aquarium systems aquarium maintenance and much more.. This online aquarium course requires no prior knowledge and is suitable for anyone involved with or interested in […]
  • Learn more on how to give proper care to your pets; dogs, cats, fish, birds, roddents, rabbits. Providing them with nutritious healthy food & proper hygiene. This online course is designed for students who want to learn Breeding, Feeding, Grooming, Skin care, Exercise & Behaviour of their pets.  Students may choose two electives from a […]
  • Study this Pet Care Certificate course to learn about caring for different pets  such as dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits, rodents, reptiles and amphibians.  Learn about important aspects of pet care such as ideal diets & food, care of coats, feathers, hair, enclosures such as tanks etc., care of litters and young animals and more. […]
  • This course is designed for students who want to learn a wide range of skills and knowledge about animal health care.  Modules covered include Animal Health Care, Natural Animal Health Care, Diagnosing Animal Diseases and a choice of either Animal Behaviour or Pet Care for students want to work or who are involved in the […]
  • By studying this course you will learn to look after your pets and animals in a natural way. The course covers holistic therapies such as naturopathy, homeopathy, herbal treatments, tactile therapy, and natural nutrition and discusses a range of conditions that affect domestic animals and provides a range of natural ideas and solutions for treating […]
  • Study this course with a foundation in the systematic investigation and diagnosis of health disorders in animals.  This course is suitable for: Farmers Wildlife Carers Veterinary Nurses Animal carers Routine disease investigations are based on clinical, pathological and epidemiological evidence. If there is a need for conclusive identification of a disease or condition, an accurate laboratory […]
  • This introductory course is designed to give you practical understanding of common veterinary nursing procedures. Who is this course suitable for? This course is suitable for anyone looking for a ‘foot in the door’ job with a veterinary clinic and who intends to go on and do further study, or even for those interested in […]

These courses for those passionate about animals, people who care about animal welfare and safety. If this sounds like you, you should consider pursuing a career in animal health.

The first step is to enrol in our course, animal health online. This course contains everything that pertains to animal health. You will also learn how to take care of sick animals until they recover.

Below are a few ways you stand to benefit from studying this course:

  • By making a difference -helping animals get better after illness or accident.
  • Working with animals is flexible-it allows you to self employ
  • It leads to a rewarding and fulfilling career path.
  • This particular discipline is in high demand, meaning you have a good chance of getting reliable work soon
  • Working directly with animals allows you to meet and engage people from all walks of life.

Working with animals is fantastic, and it engages your brain, meaning there is never a dull moment in this field.