Arboriculture Courses

  • Tree Care Introduction Online Course
    Arboriculture II builds on Arboriculture I. This online course concentrates on tree planting and maintenance. Through this course you will learn tree management, minimize potential long term tree problems, learn tree selection techniques, learn to strengthen and improve the health of existing trees, and improve your techniques in removing trees and stumps. Course Aims: Explain […]
  • Tree Care Introduction Online Course
    Arboriculture is the cultivation, management, and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants. It is both a practice and a science. The science of arboriculture studies how these plants grow and respond to cultural practices and to their environment. In this online course you will study tree physiology and disorders, learn more on diagnosis and treatment of […]

Arboriculture online courses are for those seeking careers in the production and management of trees as well as shrubs.

At Careerline Courses, we offer these courses to all interested parties. Those enrolling will learn the science of arboriculture, and they can make a career out of these courses.

Our courses will provide students with a range of critical skills like identifying trees and plants and pests and diseases. Other skills are survey and inspection, health and safety legislation, and many more.

Students will also learn to use equipment like a chainsaw and climb trees as a professional.

All these skills combined give students a broader knowledge base, and vital skills help them become credible practitioners.

Some of the things you will gain from these courses:

  • Research and horticulture development in landscape industries
  • Contract management
  • Tree surgery and international opportunities
  • Opportunities to work internationally
  • You will gain skills in arboretum curator or botanic gardens

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