General Science Courses

  • Learn PLANT PHYSIOLOGY AND TAXONOMY with expert tutor support You will learn the essential plant physiology and taxonomy.  This course will give you a sound introduction to plant morphology and anatomy; in agriculture, horticulture, environmental or plant science. Base knowledge for careers in teaching, pharmaceuticals or for those seeking a pathway to undergraduate plant specialist […]
  • Plant Taxonomy  (i.e. the scientific identification of plants) has been increasingly sidelined and neglected in horticulture, agriculture, botany and science courses. This is really something that EVERYONE who works with plants should study.  This short course is a great way to become proficient in understanding the essentials in plant taxonomy. To the ill informed, it is […]
  • Develop a foundation to applying theoretical physics in any world situations, from engineering and environmental management to rural industries and health sciences. Examining objects in motion and understanding the concepts of displacement, velocity, speed and acceleration is a great way to understand how physics work. This course guides you through a journey of discovery, through […]
  • Learn to become less reliant on the electricity and gas companies and save money through alternative energy sources. Alternative Energy covers the basics of electricity, how to generate electricity from renewable resources, how to store energy, non-electrical systems, energy consumption and conservation. With the International Government initiatives regarding the pricing of carbon pollution emissions set […]
  • A special course designed for people working or wishing to work in medical environments, with no medical training, to develop skills to communicate clearly and effectively using medical terminology. This course is relevant to anyone working or wishing to work in fields of health, alternative medicine or paramedical areas; such as reception for a doctor […]
  • Genetics is a biology discipline that examines the science of heritability, genes, and the natural variations in living organisms. The rapid development of the field of biotechnology has also incorporated genetics to include genetic engineering and modification of organisms for specific purposes. This course will introduce you to the field of genetics starting with an […]
  • A course designed for health therapists and all those working in health care that want or need to develop a deeper understanding of the human body processes and maintenance of health. Course Aims: Review basic functions occurring in the cells of the human body Review basic functioning of the tissues within the body such as […]
  • This course is designed for students who need a deeper understanding of human muscle physiology and its affect on our movement and health.  You will learn the essentials of human movement including the operation of muscles and nerves, movements and reactions observed in the body,  the nervous system, motor skills, and more.  Additionally the relationships […]
  • Learn about the human cardio-respiratory system. Understand topics such as blood, blood pressure, pulmonary ventilation, gas exchange and transport, blood flow and gas transport, understand cardio respiratory control, cardio respiratory disease and more. Essential for the fitness trainer, health care professional, nutrition counsellor learn about your own body and improve your health. Course Aims: Explain […]
  • Study human anatomical structures Understand physiology in human systems that are essential knowledge in many industries – education, science, health care, fitness and exercise, nutrition and weight loss, alternative medicine, among others An introductory course allows for learning at your own level – just do the basics or challenge yourself to study in a level you’re comfortable […]
  • This course complements studies in human health and fitness, horticulture, agriculture and wildlife gain in-depth knowledge of chemical composition and processes; tissues, nucleus, organelles, cell signalling, tissues and more. Course Aims: Review basic cell structure and discuss the scope and nature of cell biology. Describe the chemical components and processes of cells. Describe the storage […]
  • Introductory Online Biochemistry Course Biochemistry is an integral part of all human and animals health studies. Study with highly qualified and experienced tutors the basis of life while studying in your own home. This online biochemistry course will lead you through the fundamentals of chemistry including atomic structure, the periodic table, molecules, nomenclature, organic chemistry and […]
  • Human Anatomy. This course is essential study for an in-depth understanding of human anatomy. Lessons include surface anatomy, regional and systemic anatomy and radiographic anatomy and cytology. This course assumes a basic understanding of anatomy, and is an ideal follow on from Human Anatomy and Physiology BSC101. Course Aims: Describe and understand the microscopic anatomical features of human […]
  • This course  will give you a thorough understanding of “higher” animals’ via an understanding of Zoology, Taxonomy and Biology, together with the principles on animal ecology and morphology. You will learn the essentials of Vertebrate Zoology with the help of highly qualified and experienced zoology tutors.  This course helps anyone who is working with animals or provides […]
  • Statistics is an important skill for anyone involved or are interested in the measurement and prediction of trends in either markets, science, the environment or health science.  It is one of the true tools that is cross-disciplinary. Course Aims: Become familiar with different statistical terms and the elementary representation of statistical data. Become familia with […]
  • Understand the nature and principles of plant ecology and apply that understanding to the cultivation and conservation of plants. Course Aims: Define the term ecosystem Explain the importance of plants as energy producers within ecosystems Explain basic ecological principles Define the terms open and closed plant communities, semi-natural vegetation, dominant species, climax association. Describe the […]
  • With this Introduction course you will begin the fascinating journey into the world of ecological science. A field of study that is increasingly important as mankind realizes the need to manage the finite resources of the planet. Learn the varied ecosystems, their evolution and inhabitants and importantly, how they are connected and how they react to […]
  • Take a journey into the fascinating world of earth science and learn about the dynamic forces at work on, in and around the planet. A comprehensive and fascinating course. Discover the physical history of earth and the forces driving its changes. Learn about rocks, minerals, gases, oceans and plate tectonics and much more Investigate the science behind current environmental issues […]
  • Study about plant physiology and its implications for crops; post harvest management and more.  This course explains the principles and processes of plant physiology and their practical applications. It builds on prior studies in Botany A, plant physiology or other courses from the careerline range in Agriculture, Horticulture or Science. Best studied with Introduction to Botany. […]

While in school, did you enjoy science and math?

If you did and would want to pursue a career in one of the science disciplines, you may consider studying a general science course. It might be the right path for you. General has the advantage of being broader than most degree programs. In addition, it enables students to develop their skills in the broader scope of ideas, topics, and experiences,

Our General Science online course accommodates students pursuing a combination of courses in various sciences. These may include two or three subjects in these fields, chemistry, physics, mathematics science, life science, and earth & environmental science. Plus, our program is conducive for learners who would like to further their education in professional areas like medicine, law, business administration, or education and have no intention of pursuing a graduate course in science.

Benefits of studying General Science with us:

  • Numerous career opportunities
  • You develop a better understanding of the world
  • You learn to solve problems
  • Improves your analytics skills