Counselling Courses

  • Why study this Creative Therapies course? In the field of creative therapy, creativity and physical and mental healthcare overlap. Studying Careerline’s online Creative Therapies course will allow you to develop skills in both of these areas at the same time. Whether you want to upskill or get a head start on future studies, studying Creative […]
  • Pet Therapy
    Pet therapy is an effective tool based on the long history of animals and humans co-existing as comforting and caring companions. Everyone needs a little help sometimes, whether it is for physical, emotional, or mental ailments. Therapy pets provide extensive benefits for physical and mental wellbeing to their owners, supporting and encouraging positive interactions and […]
  • Stop letting stress rule your life and get an understanding of the causes and ways in which you can manage stress in your life. The Managing Stress short course is a 20 hour course that will guide you and help you understand the many aspects of stress, how it can affect you, your mind and […]
  • Improve Your Telephone and Online Counselling Skills Online and telephone counselling services are increasingly in demand as more and more people suffer from stress and mental health difficulties. This 20-hour self study course helps you to develop your online and telephone counselling skills. In the modern world, telephone and online counselling is becoming increasingly popular. […]
  • Addictions are more than simply having a strong desire for something. They change an individual’s behaviour so that they must satisfy their addiction. This is why the term ‘dependence’ is often used. Research using brain imaging has demonstrated that addictions alter brain structure and function. It’s perhaps not surprising then that many people find it […]
  • Horticultural Therapy is the use of plants and gardens for rehabilitation and human healing. It is an ancient practice and a new profession as well. It is an interaction between people, plants and gardens to improve social, emotional, cognitive and physical well-being. Much horticultural therapy with children is education or developmentally-based and group focused. Horticultural […]
  • Everyone seeks employment at some time of their life and no longer do people keep jobs for life.  With pathways to employment becoming ever more varied and fragmented, there is increasing demand for good career advice.   Careers coaching involves helping others develop their career with smart goals and clear directions. If you love to help […]
  • This Advanced Certificate has been created to satisfy the need for specific training by distance learning for those giving emotional support and care to the aged and elderly and their families. Gain skills in: Counselling the elderly and their families Understanding the life changes experienced by people as they age Understanding grief and its management […]
  • A valuable course for anyone involved in marriage and couples counselling. There is much and varied reasons why relationships break down and irreconcilable differences is one of them.  If you work with couples, support them or want to understand your own relationship better this course is indispensable.  With this course you will: Learn to provide […]
  • Develop your ability to analyse psychological conditions, and apply that knowledge in counselling, or advisory situations.  Learn more about the study of abnormal psychology, behaviours in different situations, stress and counselling. Course Aims: Identify the nature of conflict and stress and why this issue affects so many people today. Identify and examine behaviours that are […]
  • The psychological health of the counsellor is crucial in determining the success of the counselling relationship. A counsellor owes it to the client not to engage in counselling whilst experiencing problems of their own. This course will help you provide appropriate professional practices and attitudes necessary to develop a healthy client-counsellor relationship. Pre-requisites: It is […]
  • This course provides a sound basis for understanding and working with people who are experiencing grief. Develop your understanding of appropriate practices and procedures for Grief Counselling. Topics covered include: Nature and Scope of Grief, Stages of Grief, Grief and different age groups, Adjustment to Bereavement, Abnormal Grief, Preparing for Bereavement, Long-term Grief and more. […]
  • Learn to manage family problems. Develop a better understanding of family Dynamics, and a capacity to analyze and facilitate solutions to problems that emerge in modern families. This course can be useful for anyone working or involved in marriage counselling, family counselling or family services. If you are interested in a career in social work […]
  • Develop your ability to effectively counsel and assist clients in times of crisis. This course provides those already in the counselling or helping industries with knowledge and skills to give specialised counselling, and will contribute to comprehensive counselling training for those wishing to work in this field. Course Aims: Identify what constitutes a crisis and […]
  • This proven course will enhance your skills and techniques as a counsellor by providing you with the knowledge, theory and understanding of what makes an effective counsellor.  Learn to improve the outcomes for your clients and those you support. The course provides an in depth study of different approaches and therapies from psychoanalytic psychotherapy to […]
  • Counselling Skills is an online course that entails the practical and psychological side of the counselling process. Through this program, you will learn the following: Underlying theories of counselling Understand a broad range of counselling techniques beneficial for anyone working with people in a social, workplace or recreational environment. Apply the counselling techniques in your […]
  • Do you already have some counseling skills, but would like to be able to improve, enhance, and take them further? If so, then Counseling Skills B is the right course for you. This specific program covers topics on the following: telephone counseling, online counseling, techniques for dealing with crisis situations, understand micro-skills and using them […]
  • The Conflict Management course is an online program designed to meet the needs of those responsible for managing conflict in various situations. Conflict management involves implementing strategies to limit the negative aspects of conflict and to resolve the conflict to a an equal or better outcome. Furthermore, the aim of conflict management is to enhance […]
  • Develop a basic understanding of the safe use of Aromatherapy oils; and their production. This aromatherapy course is aimed at the introductory level of education in Aromatherapy. It is suitable for those wishing to gain knowledge of using Aromatherapy in the home or for those working in a related discipline. Knowing the botanical names of […]
  • Anger Management is an online program that caters to those who support  or are confronted by people with anger management issues. In this course, you will learn psychological therapeutic techniques and exercises, techniques to control anger & aggression, skills to reduce the triggers, degrees, and effects of an angered emotional state. This specialized course will […]
  • Working with the elderly requires a different set of skills and knowledge to ensure that they receive the appropriate support. This aged care counselling course considers the different issues that are faced by older people, such as bereavement, chronic illness, terminal illness and death, and how to provide them with appropriate support. The transition from […]
  • This course is relevant for self improvement, or professional development (for any allied health professionals such as counsellors, life coaches, fitness instructors or nutrition consultants) and supervisors.  Stress management is vitally important for everyone regardless of who or how you live.  We all need a bit of stress, but too much is detrimental to your […]

Our counselling courses provides you with an opportunity to learn all the skills necessary in this field. Also, you stand to benefit as a counsellor because the demand for counselling services is rising worldwide. This comes from the fact that more and more people are facing mental issues and need help.

Our course is suitable for learners with demanding schedules, who are already working in the counselling field, and fresh entrants who want to develop their skills and abilities to help others in need.

Why study counselling course with us:

  • You gain vital skills your use personally in real life
  • Exciting career prospects to pursue
  • You become an ambassador of positive change
  • To create awareness and fight stigma surrounding mental issues
  • You get to make a difference in people’s life