Green Keeping Courses

  • Green Keeping B Sports Turf Management Bht202 Online Course
    This Advanced Certificate in Green Keeping comprises of 3 core modules and 1 elective. These core modules will take you from the very start with Green Keeping A (Introduction) through to advanced Green Keeping B (Sports Turf Management), and Green Keeping C (Maintenance and Renovation) of existing lawns, greens and turf in a wide variety […]
  • Green Keeping B Sports Turf Management Bht202 Online Course
    Learn to diagnose and treat problems efficiently on: Golf and Bowling Greens, Playing Fields, Parks Home lawns, Public Parks, Commercial sites A course specifically designed for people working with turf such as green keepers, gardeners, managers of sports turf facilities. Course Aims: Compare the characteristics of different turfs with reference to hardiness, pest & disease […]
  • Green Keeping B Sports Turf Management Bht202 Online Course
    When planning a new lawn, or renovating an old one, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of different grasses, and why certain grasses are used in preference to others. The intended or actual use (and maintenance) of a particular area is the deciding factor. This course teaches you about the different grasses, the […]
  • Green Keeping B Sports Turf Management Bht202 Online Course
    Do you manage a Sports Ground or Playing Field? Advance your job and career prospects working in the management and maintenance of Sports Grounds and Playing Fields A course for parks staff, horticulturists, gardeners, groundsmen, green keepers, turf equipment and materials suppliers. This course assumes a basic knowledge of turf care, either through experience or […]

Would you like to work as a greenkeeper?

We have a certification course to help you achieve your dreams!

So who is a greenkeeper? He is someone who looks after the sports surfaces like golf courses and football pitches. Their job entails taking care of and maintaining the overall appearance of sports surfaces. They have to ensure the surface is of good quality and offer consistent challenges for the player to have an enjoyable experience.

Greenkeeping online course is designed to impact those aspiring to be greenkeepers with practical skills. This will help them since they are required to work most of the time outdoors. They use different machinery and equipment competently.

Our course teaches students how to prepare and develop plans effectively. How to repair and renovate the surface until it’s up to standards. Also, students learn how to prepare a surface before play commences.

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