Environmental Courses

18 courses for those passionate about the environment!   Let us help you learn about the environment, conservation and its management.  Our environmental courses cover subjects such as wildlife management and conservation, revegetation, EIS and more.  Learn about the environment in 100 hours or as little as 20 hours.

Our environmental courses:

  • are fully online, 24/7 access to our modern learning environment
  • come with full tutor support from our experienced tutors
  • affordable with flexible payment plans
Environmental Courses

Would you like to learn more about the environment? If this is your passion, let us help you achieve your dream. We have 18 courses about the environment, conservation and management.

  • online, 24/7 access in our modern learning environment
  • full tutor support
  • affordable with easy payment plans

Enrol now and start learning ways of developing sustainable strategies and resolving related environmental issues. The course also covers physical aspects of the environment and emphasizes ways of conserving biodiversity.

  • Learn how to use resources in a sustainable way
  • Create awareness on the importance of preserving and protecting the environment
  • Be part of the movement advocating for nature protection
  • Create a healthy learning environment
  • Have a career out of taking care of the environment