Plant Breeding Courses

  • Tissue culture involves growing plants from very small sections (sometimes microscopic) in a laboratory. It is a propagation method which is being increasingly used. Tissue culture is not appropriate for many plants, but for others such as orchids, some indoor plants and in particular, many new plant varieties, it is a very popular propagation method. […]
  • This course assumes general foundation knowledge of plant propagation. For those with industry or significant amateur experience, the course may contain some sections that are little more than revision, but for anyone with minimal or no knowledge of seed propagation, some additional reading may be required in parts in order to gain the full benefit […]
  • Learn the different methods of propagation of plants including seed, cutting and much more in this detailed course. Course Aims: Plan the propagation of different plant species from seeds, using different seed propagation methods. Plan the propagation of different types of plants from cuttings, using different cutting propagation methods. Plan the propagation of various types […]
  • Study Propagation at Home. A skill in high demand worldwide. Learn what to propagate and how to achieve a high rate of success. Learn to be economically viable in your propagation. A highly desirable course for anyone working in the plant production industry. Study this course to develop a well rounded understanding of what affects […]
  • Learn the principles and practices of plant breeding by distance learning online. This course provides a foundation in the principles of genetics as applied to plant breeding.  Learn about genetics, plant reproductive processes, systems of inheritance (hybridisation, mendalian genetics and more), plant breeding within the horticultural industry. Course Aims: Describe the commercial and scientific nature […]

Have you ever thought of pursuing a career as a plant breeder? If yes, then stop thinking and enroll in the best plant breeder online course in town.

Our plant breeding course is designed to help students better understand plant genetics, botany, and propagation skills. Also, become reliable plant breeders or plant specialists who can differentiate between various species, genera, and plant varieties.

Successful students stand a chance to work in commercial companies, universities, or research institutions with specialized laboratories. Other places where plant breeders practice their skills include botanic gardens or nurseries or specialized government agencies.

Benefits of learning plant breeding online course with us:

  • Will demonstrate all principles of plant breeding, reproductive biology, and commercial viability of plant varieties.
  • Student be able to evaluate the existing or rationalized breeding system before the commencement of new plans
  • Will be able to compare and contrast between types of crop species that have different reproductive biology.
  • Provide data analysis to support the decision-making process in the selection of progeny in a composite variety.

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